CFO Simplified to Create Crisis Plans Free of Charge to Help Businesses Fight COVID-19

CFO Simplified

CFO Simplified, the industry leader for fractional chief financial officers for businesses with at least $3 million in revenues, is proud to announce that its 90-Day Crisis Management Plan is being offered free of charge to the first 80 companies that sign up.

“COVID has rocked the market, both operationally and financially and as a result, leaders are protecting their cash,” says Larry Chester, founder and president of CFO Simplified.  “Most business owners are focused on the product or service that they sell and they don’t have the financial experience to forecast their cash, determine what they need to do to survive for the next three months, and they don’t have the experience to be strategic enough to look at what can be, or should be, done to help their companies survive.”

CFO Simplified is offering this service gratis because small- to mid-sized companies are the backbone of the American economy and the firm is dedicated to doing its part to help these businesses stay afloat during the pandemic.

For the next two months, each of CFO Simplified’s five senior-level CFOs will spend one day with each company, taking a deep dive into the business and ownership, review financials, company operations, and their workflow, all under the protection of a non-disclosure agreement. As part of this complimentary service, CFO Simplified will build a customized 90-Day Crisis Management Plan that will have issues identified to improve cashflow, organization and profitability, along with a plan of action that will strategically position the company to be sounder for the next three months.

“Our goal is to give owners the financial and operational guidance to make their companies stronger and to put them on better footing as they come out of this devastating crisis,” explains Chester. “With businesses being on lockdown, we are prepared to operate remotely, using video conferencing, telephone, and secure outside access to computer systems.”

CFO Simplified’s employees are unique CFOs because they are operationally based executives with more than 100 years of combined experience managing the financial health of companies. The firm provides the same high-quality financial and operational expertise to small- to mid-sized businesses that much larger companies enjoy, at a more reasonable cost. CFO Simplified focuses on the three components that are critical for every business owner: cash flow management and improvement, profitability improvement, and financial statement visibility.

CFO Simplified was founded in 2009 with the mission to provide financial and operational expertise to small- to mid-sized business owners. The firm’s unique business proposition includes fractional CFOs with veteran experience to improve cash flow, strengthen internal controls, and making changes today that positively affect profitability tomorrow.

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