Businesses Send Drones Soaring amid Social Distancing

by Scott Roelofs

Drones are taking the main stage with social distancing measures becoming the new normal. The technology is helping companies keep their workforce safe while still getting the necessary jobs completed. Below are a few ways that drones have become useful during the pandemic.

Virtual Tours: With everyone confined to the comfort of their homes, they are looking for ways to venture virtually. Drones are providing video experiences of everything from live attractions to museums. Letting people’s imaginations wander to these other places helps businesses to stay top of mind while positively impacting the mental health of the community.

For example, drones have made real estate property viewing and museum tours an activity that can happen anywhere in the home. Museums like the Van Gogh Museum and the Frida Khalo Museum are currently taking advantage of these technologies. These tours can give companies that would not typically be as popular due to seasonal limitations the opportunity to get in the public eye while keeping everyone’s health the top priority.

Another Set of Hands: Drones utilized by businesses like RCG Valuation have the advanced technology to create entire renderings of buildings, making construction or tax evaluation a hands-off job with a quick turnover time. They can also create a highly accurate 3D scan of an entire property, regardless of terrain or circumstance. As long as a pilot is in control, businesses can employ drones to do some of the dirty work or tasks that would take much longer if performed by humans. This helps employers cut costs overall. With this forward-thinking approach, projects can still be completed during the pandemic while putting fewer people at risk of exposure.

Adding a drone to the equation can provide better control for any company owner and allow them to oversee multiple aspects of a company. Even more importantly, it exposes them to new technology and opportunity. These aerial vehicles can also be useful for capturing a corporation’s photography and providing inventory management support. MIT’s recent research describes an inventory system that utilizes drones to interact with battery-free RFID technology. For example, drones could use a network of individual sensors located on or in containers around a facility to measure inventory.

High-Tech Class: Companies can also implement drone technology into their live-streamed classes or interactive lessons to provide viewers with a higher-quality video that is able to cover multiple angles. This makes consumers feel like they are still experiencing a lesson due to the clarity of the video and movement capabilities. By providing these experiences, drones are making the stay-at-home guidelines more manageable and helping businesses stand out among the sea of online content.

Delivery: Medicine, food and equipment can be dropped off via drone to take human contact out of the equation. With companies like Amazon already rolling out a drone program for package delivery, it makes the delivery of some essential items easier for both the business and recipient by keeping that level of protection as the top priority. Private companies, in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration, have the opportunity to make strides in contactless interaction deliveries as the government continues to navigate the pandemic. This option could greatly benefit at-risk populations like the elderly so they do not have to worry about going to the pharmacy or store.

Drones are adapting to human needs and, while the world faces this pandemic, they could prove extremely useful to the future of how businesses and people interact. Through these technological advancements, people can stay healthy and still accomplish tasks on a small and large scale to keep the community moving forward and looking toward the future.

Scott Roelofs is the owner and CEO of RCG Valuation & Monetization. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, RCG Valuation & Monetization helps small to medium-sized businesses grow and monetize through advanced financial analysis and specialty tax planning, such as cost segregation, R&D tax credits and more.

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