Bringing Drones into Field of Financial Analysis

by RaeAnne Marsh

RCG Drone

Scott Roelofs, CFA, ABV, founded RCG Valuation & Monetization in September 2017 to help small to medium-sized businesses grow and monetize through advanced financial analysis and specialty tax planning. “I found that my opportunities as a financial analyst were limited to either publicly traded companies or private equity. I have always been fascinated by business and I wanted to effect real change. If I could show small business owners how powerful financial planning can be, we could change lives, not just rates of return.” Roelofs implemented drones and 3-D cameras to help produce low-cost yet high-quality reports for business owners, as the cutting-edge technology removes the high cost of engineering in the field. The company focuses on cost-segregation studies, tax-credit reports, business valuations and business development that will help business owners prepare for transition, whether that is starting, growing or, eventually, a business.

“Starting a business is the most rewarding thing a person can do in their professional life, but it has to be internally rewarding,” shares Scott Roelofs, owner of RCG Valuation & Monetization. “External rewards don’t come right away, and their effects do not last.”

Roelofs has kept in mind an analogy his godfather gave him for starting a business: “When driving a Ferrari, get comfortable in second gear before moving to sixth. Mistakes made in sixth gear can be painful.” Says Roelofs, “I took this advice and slowed our expansion so that we were comfortable delivering on the promises we were making to our customers. There are two reasons why businesses fail — too little business and too much business.”

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