5 Quick Steps to Manage an Underperforming Employee


Overlooking underperforming employees can be detrimental to a business. An employee who doesn’t get the job done can lead to another employee picking up the slack. This can in turn lead to burnout and the resignation of a quality team member. Once you let one employee get away with poor performance, many more will follow.

Communications expert Eric M. Bailey shares his tips on managing underperforming employees:

Investigate – Gather insight on the issue to better understand and communicate with the employee what issues you are seeing. Poor performance is rarely a one-sided situation.

Communication – Communicate regularly and directly to the underperformer about expectations and issues. Let them explain themselves to you.

Rethink – Figure out what skills and tools the employee needs to be successful and see where you can retrain to help get those.

Planning – Set attainable goals and create a plan to achieve said goals.

Let go? – If all else fails, see if the employee may fit better in a different department or capacity. Otherwise, it may be time to consider letting them go.

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