Phoenix Author, Attorney, Yogi Launches Book on Mental Health Struggles to Help Others

By Mike Hunter

One must wonder how an attorney turned Yogi turned author writes a book about mental health that quickly rises to the top of Amazon’s bestsellers’ list. If you knew Mike Albee, you’d be so much closer to understanding how it all happened. His new book, “Karma” released this month, and its page-turning story about mental health and life, will help you to truly understand.

“My career as a practicing attorney doesn’t typically lend itself to also being a dedicated yogi, and bestselling author,” Albee is quick to say. “It’s taken time, passion, patience, and a lot of support.”

Albee says he has always felt like a creative person living in an intellectual’s body and when the Pandemic of 2020 changed the world, he was afforded more time than ever. “I used that time to cultivate a huge passion of mine – writing spiritual fantasy fiction – and with patience and constructive criticism from an amazing editor, combined with support from loved ones, I was able to write 90,000 words that, when put together, became a pretty incredible book.”

Albee was inspired to bring this story to life because of the mental health struggles he saw in peers and friends from all walks of life that continued to go unchecked or become even worse because of inflated egos. The story follows the main character, Karma, as he balances normal mental health issues, like shame and guilt, and an overwhelming feeling of responsibility and burden to help so many around him.

He believes that “ultimately, every day we are left with a choice – succumb to the suffering or rise above it.” Karma’s story plays out both options by acknowledging that we all live with dark and light inside of us.

Though Albee strives to grow impact as an author to satisfy his creative thinking, he remains a practicing attorney in Arizona. “Part of my ‘why’ is always going to be helping people going through issues, whether my life coach thinks that’s healthy or not,” he jokes. “Writing and practicing law really does help to get me through my desire to help people and make a difference.”

Albee’s work as a family law attorney has not only helped his clients, but it has also given him insight into what matters most. “I love practicing law and helping people through what is likely the hardest time of their lives. Working in this practice area for eight years comes with so much emotion and heartache.”

Albee says his career as an attorney is as hectic as it comes. “One day I looked at the landscape of the practice of law and felt like I had two options. Be an angry and depressed practitioner who brought work home and is awful to my family or find a healthy and positive outlet for my emotions and feelings by transferring the trauma that comes with practicing family law.”

In an effort to find peace throughout law school, Albee dove deeply into the philosophy behind yoga, meditation and breathing. All helped him to be more calm and more present in his life and with his intentions. “I was able to feel my emotions and respond rather than react to negative situations – something that was very important in my personal life and professionally when negotiating big divorce settlements.”

“Karma” is supporting mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Albee is donating 100% of the book proceeds to suicide prevention charities in Arizona. “I know so many people who feel the stress of life and work that they have either been close to suicide or who have taken their own life,” Albee reflects. “And, personally, having dealt with my own childhood trauma of the murder of my father, I know how difficult life can feel sometimes and how important it is to get help.”

Albee’s new book is available on Amazon and in stores throughout Arizona. The success of this book will undoubtedly mean more books are to come. His passion for this story and for sharing to make a difference will not likely pass anytime soon. “I’m grateful I’ve been able to positively impact so many people’s lives, and I was determined to help give back,” Albee said. “I guess it’s Karma.”

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