Holistic, Longitudinal Care for Chronic Conditions

by Mike Hunter

Alanté recently launched a strategic partnership with patient care platform eCare21 that simultaneously addresses the health risks and economic challenges associated with chronic condition treatment. This program demonstrates Alanté’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions for patient care. 

“Through the coordination of care plans within eCare21’s virtual care ecosystem, Alanté chronic-care patients will experience lower costs of care, streamlined communication with providers, and a reduced risk of hospitalization,” says Alanté Executive Director of Operations Carrie Wheeler.

Based on CDC data, approximately 85% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition, and more than half of them have at least two. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and strokes — all chronic conditions — are the leading cause of death among older adults. When not managed properly, they hinder one’s independence, often resulting in hospitalization and institutional care. Moreover, multiple chronic diseases account for a majority of all healthcare costs and more than 90% of Medicare spending.

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have addressed the challenge of managing at-risk patient populations with remote monitoring methods that are too costly and complex to deploy across acuity levels and to the lowest-cost setting of care, the home. This antiquated approach reinforces existing data and communication silos across the spectrum of care, resulting in increased costs and reduced outcomes.

“For many chronic care patients, communication between families, doctors and caregivers presents a roadblock leading to a host of poor outcomes,” said Alanté CEO Mark Hansen. “eCare21 circumvents this issue with a centralized platform that pulls together electronic medical records, remote patient monitoring and telehealth visits. Through this patient-centered approach, all members of a care team remain informed of a patient’s current health care plan.”

Wheeler notes, “In the world of chronic care, the vast majority of time and money is typically spent on the treatment of the condition. By leveraging eCare21’s platform, Alanté is now in a position to not just treat an existing condition, but to emphasize preventive measures through education and remote patient monitoring.”

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