HealthspanMD Reverses Risks of Chronic Conditions 

by Hannah Trull

The traditional medicate-and-operate approach dominating healthcare — and how our society perceives it — has contributed to skyrocketing chronic disease rates: Nearly 60% of Americans will be diagnosed with one or more in their lifetime, according to a 2022 American Hospital Association report. A shift in focus from retroactive to proactive care may be the solution. 

Honing in on heart health to create real and lasting results, Phoenix-based preventive cardiology clinic HealthspanMD merges comprehensive guidance with science-based medical treatment to help reverse chronic diseases in at-risk patients through personalized care plans — not just prescriptions and procedures.

Having spent two decades at Mayo Clinic, founder and preventive cardiologist Robert Hurst, M.D., saw firsthand how delayed or sporadic care increased the likelihood of chronic conditions like heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. In response, he launched HealthspanMD to serve as a dedicated partner in helping patients identify risks to reach their health and longevity goals.

HealthspanMD leverages a proven, three-step process and proprietary Healthspan10 method to reverse or delay the onset of chronic conditions. From blood pressure and toxin levels to restorative sleep and body composition, Dr. Hurst closely evaluates the 10 most influential risk factors to help individuals avoid the significant physical, mental and financial burden that comes with more severe health complications.

While many chronic conditions are preventable with a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Hurst knows the definition of a healthy lifestyle varies greatly for each patient. Challenging the one-size-fits-all approach to preventive care, HealthspanMD looks at the big picture to address a wider range of risks on a more personal level.

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