The Flower Shop Promotes Integrity in the Cannabis Industry

by Greta Brandt

As a female attorney and executive of a multi-state license holder, I’ve overcome numerous hurdles and obstacles on my journey. When I first joined The Flower Shop, I was the only female in the C-suite and that, in conjunction with my age, required me to conquer a host of baseless stereotypes. Nonetheless, I worked hard to not only excel in a male-dominated industry but to exceed expectations and earn the respect of my colleagues and team. My role in the company continued to evolve and in 2019 I was named president. Despite the continued revelation of external and internal roadblocks, I continued to forge a path toward leadership in my organization as well as in the broader industry. 

Being a lawyer, I approach things differently from many other executives in the cannabis industry. I analyze things first from a compliance and legal perspective and then through a business and operational lens. Among the characteristics I value most are integrity and honesty, as in this new and emerging industry so much has been tainted by unethical practices and bad acts. Having seen the damage that results from a lack of ethics and trustworthiness, these are some of the most essential traits we look for when hiring. I can teach someone the ins and outs of the industry, but I can’t teach honesty and reliability. 

I believe in leading by example and by empowering my team, rather than micromanaging. I establish clear goals and expectations and then challenge my team to not only meet but exceed them through their own style of leadership. I am always available to provide guidance and direction as needed, making myself accessible to every member of my team regardless of their position. I have a strong work ethic and a transparent management style and I work hard to pass those traits down through the company. 

I learned long ago: I don’t have all the answers. Too many executives believe they can solve every issue on their own and it quickly becomes their Achilles Heel, costing them employees, time and money. To be a successful and effective leader, I believe it is necessary to build a team of the most qualified and knowledgeable people, engage with them, listen to their advice and give them a role in the development of the organization. 

My vision for The Flower Shop is to offer a best-in-class customer experience and the highest quality products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We are especially focused on providing a robust selection of clean cannabis products concentrated on the health and wellness needs of our customers. As we work to move the industry and available products in a more sophisticated direction, we are launching a new loyalty program and soon-to-be-released app that will provide customers with convenient access and ordering options, in addition to exceptional products they can rely on.

It’s also important to me that The Flower Shop be a sought-after employer. I strive to make The Flower Shop an organization where employees are heard, valued and enjoy coming to work every day. To truly create such an environment, however, requires diversity and inclusion of women and other underrepresented groups of people. I feel a responsibility to help move that change. This is an exciting industry that is fast-moving and constantly changing and evolving. I hope that my efforts as well as my leadership will help pave the way and inspire other women to pursue a career at the highest level of the cannabis industry or any other industry they are passionate about.  

At a Glance

The Flower Shop is a multi-state cannabis operator focused on curating the largest selection of flower in Arizona. Our numbers:

  • 2 States (Arizona and Utah)
  • 5 Retail locations
  • 3 Cultivation locations
  • 2 Extraction and processing facilities 
  • More than 200 team members

Did You Know: While more men on average use cannabis, women are the fastest growing market segment, especially since the expansion of adult use programs. In fact, marijuana use year-over-year sales for Gen Z women, defined as those born in 1997 or later, grew the fastest in 2020 compared to any other demographic, according to data from Headset, a cannabis analytics firm. 

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