National Mobile Grooming Co. Launches in Phoenix

Furry Land Mobile Grooming, America’s No. 1 provider of professional mobile grooming services, is bringing its team to the Greater Phoenix area. Owner Jennifer Ness is pleased to announce today the launch of Furry Land Mobile Grooming of Phoenix.

Regular grooming, as recommended by the ASPCA, includes brushing a pet’s hair and fur, washing their skin, and cleaning their eyes, teeth, nails and coat. This is important for every dog breed and cat because it helps prevent common health issues, such as excessive shedding and painful hair mats.

“My three dogs are groomed regularly, so I am aware of how challenging it can be to get an appointment, particularly for large dogs, and how stressful it is leaving animals to be groomed and then caged until they are ready for pick-up,” said Ness. “When I considered investing in Furry Land Mobile Grooming, I was immediately drawn to the concept. Because we provide services at our clients’ doorstep, the experience can be less stressful, more convenient and more efficient for everyone.”

Ness’s investment in Furry Land fulfills her desire to be a part of the pet care industry. With a personal passion for dogs, Furry Land allows her to offer a positive, necessary service that benefits both pets and their owners. As an independent business consultant in the financial services industry, Ness is using her entrepreneurial experience and skills to grow her new business.

Ness has hired Arizona native Colleen Rillos as operations manager. With extensive experience in both the spa and pet care industries, Rillos is a perfect fit for the mobile grooming business. She began volunteering at an animal shelter at the age of 15, and further developed a love of animals while working in a pet food store. Rillos enjoys exploring Phoenix and local hiking trails with her dog, Dior.

“We get to pamper dogs while providing a needed service throughout much of Arizona,” explained Rillos. “We return the animals looking cute and clean, and most importantly, grooming helps keep dogs in optimal health.”

Furry Land’s temperature controlled van has electricity to power the necessary equipment, a hot water heater to ensure the perfect bath temperature, and a therapeutic bathing system to clean and soothe pets.

Furry Land groomers brush, bathe, shampoo and condition, towel dry (face), blow dry (body), de-shed, clip and cut hair, clean eyes and ears, and trim nails. Clients may add-on services, such as mat removal, a fresh breath treatment, and a doggy facial. Also, pet supplies are available for delivery at the time of grooming service.

Founded in 2017, Furry Land Mobile Grooming is America’s fastest growing franchise provider of professional mobile pet grooming services. The company has been growing steadily, and currently there are 13 locations operating or under development nationwide. With a focus on exceptional service and loving care, Furry Land offers full service grooming for dogs and cats at each customer’s doorstep.

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