Local Face Mask Manufacturer Uses Navy Seal Technology

by Kevin Thorpe

To protect oneself and minimize the spread of contagious respiratory illnesses, doctors suggest a multilayered mask with an insert filter is a better choice that single-layered surgical masks without a filter. Mesa-based US POWER AZ PPE manufactures POWER3, a high-quality, reusable 3-Ply smart mask. 

Both the coronavirus and the flu can be spread to others up to six feet away, largely through droplets when coughing, sneezing or talking. Masks block the spread of droplets that can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby.

US POWER AZ PPE currently has two products: The POWER3 mask and CAMO Smart filter insert. Both products are outfitted with the CAMO Smart technology, or Cystic Acid Metal Oxide, designed to bi-directionally stop, capture and kill harmful or undesired organisms, thus protecting both the wearer and others.

The POWER3 smart mask protects against the transfer of microorganisms by blocking microbial particles, as confirmed by multiple labs, making the mask filters more effective than surgical-grade masks. 

The technology was originally developed for the Navy Seals to prevent viral infections caused by inhalation of aspirated viruses during dives. The CAMO Smart technology allows for POWER3 to be washed and worn up to seven consecutive days before becoming inactivated, positively impacting the increased footprint of disposable masks and enhanced protection. 

POWER PPE was started with the intention of protecting the people in our community from coronavirus and other contagious viruses. Initially, the individual products for the masks were sourced from Japan and were then manufactured in Mesa. Now, all the products are U.S.-made and are manufactured in our Mesa plant. Manufacturing began at the end of August. 

Wearing a face mask could make a difference for the wearer and those nearby staying healthy during one of the most serious flu seasons in history, so, when selecting a face mask, we recommend users do research and choose wisely.

Kevin Thorpe is CEO of US POWER AZ PPE.

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