Leading Accessory Co. Moves Operations to Mesa, Expanding Reach in Adventure Van Industry


Owl Vans, the leading adventure van accessory company, announces its headquarters relocation to Mesa, Arizona, marking a significant milestone in its journey of innovation and growth. Spearheaded by CEO John Willenborg, Owl Vans has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and pioneering design, reshaping the landscape of adventure van customization.

The decision to move Owl Vans’ operations from California to Mesa was fueled by a strategic vision to expand and capitalize on the burgeoning interest in the adventure van lifestyle. This relocation underscores Mesa’s emergence as a vibrant hub for camper van enthusiasts and businesses alike.

“We wanted to find a new home that was business-friendly, a place where we could find skilled workers who take pride in their work, and also a location with a strong outdoor scene,” says John Willenborg, Owner of Owl Vans.

The adventure van industry has witnessed unprecedented growth, driven by the allure of van life, particularly amplified through social media platforms under the hashtag #vanlife. Notably, Owl Vans has played a pivotal role in shaping this trend, emerging as the number one adventure van accessories company globally.

In addition to its industry-leading position, Owl Vans boasts several remarkable achievements, including its exclusive partnership with Mercedes-Benz, making it the only Adventure Van Company recognized by the esteemed automotive brand. Furthermore, Owl Vans manufactures all its products entirely in the United States, using domestically sourced materials, reinforcing its commitment to quality and sustainability.

“From our humble beginnings in my garage five years ago, Owl Vans has evolved into an industry leader, pioneering innovations and setting new standards for adventure van customization,” says Willenborg.

Owl Vans’ relocation to Mesa not only signifies a strategic business move but also contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities. With a workforce of approximately 35 employees in Mesa and an additional 35 across the country, Owl Vans is poised to drive job growth and economic development in the region.

Moreover, Owl Vans’ presence in Mesa aligns with the city’s reputation as an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering unparalleled opportunities for adventure and exploration amidst Arizona’s stunning landscapes.

As Owl Vans continues its expansion trajectory, Willenborg remains steadfast in his commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the adventure van industry. With plans to establish additional locations across the United States, Canada, and Europe within the next 12 months, Owl Vans is set to solidify its position as the undisputed leader in adventure van accessories worldwide

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