Keeping Up the Momentum amid a Pandemic

by Leah Johnston

showcase of NBPure family of products

The NB Pure team has been busy over the last year. The brand got a packaging makeover, launched a new supplement, Zinc Up, and brought forth a new product, Daily Multi-Fiber. All of this achieved during a global pandemic while business slowed around the world. How did the company accomplish all this? By staying nimble, communicating and using the moment to its advantage.

Formerly known as Nutritional Brands, the company had been planning to rebrand under the name NB Pure and had plans to launch Daily Multi-Fiber before the pandemic. Zinc Up is an example of innovating during the present moment. “The idea for Zinc Up had been on our minds for a while, but sometimes it takes a situation to get an idea out of your head and onto the shelves,” says RJ Carvis, director of marketing at NB Pure. The process for getting it in stores involved conceptualizing, formulating, testing and selling. The NB Pure team had to learn to be flexible and agile as challenges arose. If one component falls short when testing ingredients and packaging, everything stops. “There were a few push-backed dates in this process, but luckily we were able to hit our target launch date,” says Carvis.

Working remotely helped NB Pure open communication channels through phone, email and Slack, occasionally blurring the line between 9-to-5 work and personal time. Sharing files, reviews and approvals became easier and the timeline for the rebrand also broadened as a result of many retailers halting product additions.  

NB Pure’s mission is more relevant than ever: Wellness with a purpose. The newfound awareness of wellness as a result of COVID drives the company to keep innovating. “We look to be a one-stop shop for wellness and something that you can use to achieve whatever your lifestyle wellness goals are. We just keep innovating,” notes Carvis. The consumer demand for wellness products to support immunity, gut health and stress is at a peak. This is fuel for NB Pure’s fire.

Leah Johnston is a wellness communications specialist at SRW and a registered dietitian.

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