Home Repair Membership Club Launches in Phoenix


With more than half of all homeowners spending $1000+ on home improvements last year, there is now a growing demand for a change in the way consumers find reliable contractors. Newly launched in Phoenix, homeowners can now download the SavonServices mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to access top-rated local pros at discounted member rates.  A membership also includes built-in, pre-negotiated discounts on every service and keeps the user’s personal data private.

“A membership to SavonServices allows consumers to save on every service, every time, guaranteed,” said Co-Founder of SavonServices, David Esposito. “Unlike other platforms, we don’t sell our members’ personal data to contractors; privacy is extremely important to us. We also don’t charge contractors for leads or referrals, which allows us to be extremely selective when curating the list of SavonPros that serve our members.”

Through the app, members can save thousands of dollars annually when they use essential services such as carpet cleaning, electricians, garage door services, heating and AC, landscaping, locksmiths, pest control, plumbing, remodeling, and roofing. Each home service pro who passes the vetting process to be approved onto the SavonServices platform, has one thing in common: they are already one of the highest-rated pros serving the community.

“It’s a win-win situation for our contractors because we are offering them a completely free alternative to receive and retain new customers,” said Co-Founder and CEO of SavonServices, Dave Euse. “Our app offers contractors exclusive territories based on the zip codes they agreed to service, real time customer calls, and members that pay them directly.”

SavonServices also offers cost effective gift card bundles to companies for marketing and branding purposes. These prospecting tools or customer appreciation gifts, can be paired with splash page advertising – sponsored images that appear every time a prospect launches the app. Once the ad is finished, the company’s name will also appear at the top of the app’s home page, making it easy for prospects to call and connect with the company over the lifecycle of their annual membership. Custom packages are just $5 – $1.50 (depending on the order quantity) and includes splash page advertising that remains active the entire year.

A SavonServices membership is just $29.99 for the entire year.

SavonServices is currently aligning with contractors in 300 major markets across the U.S. to make home services more affordable. They connect top-rated pros to homeowners at reduced member rates. Members can save thousands of dollars annually on services such as carpet cleaning, electricians, garage door services, heating and AC, landscaping, locksmiths, pest control, plumbing, remodeling, and roofing – all available through the mobile app (iOS + Android). A SavonServices membership starts at just $29.99 for the entire year.

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