Holistic Gym Concept Set to Open in Phoenix


Wholeistic Fitness, the only holistic gym, recovery, and human optimizing center of its kind, celebrates the grand opening of its first Ahwatukee Phoenix location. The luxurious new destination offers holistic wellness, fitness, nutrition, yoga, and recovery services for weight loss, longevity, anti-aging, and resilience, all at one location.

When you step into Wholeistic Fitness, everything looks different, from the brand-new Rouge Fitness equipment to the super cold ice bath all the way to the handmade custom built Finnish dry sauna and red-light therapy booths. With its upscale, soothing decor and the personal approach the staff takes to their work with each client, the atmosphere is welcoming and nurturing. During the first week, each client goes through an assessment with the staff and a program is recommended for their specific goals and needs. All of the programs and equipment serve to decrease stress, reduce risk of injury, fortify the joints & core, remove toxins from the body and/or improve circulation, encouraging weight loss, cellulite reduction, relief from brainfood, and overall improved health.

  • Their workout programs revolve around functional movements that mimic everyday lives to make everyday life easier. The core focus points are healing knee & back injuries while simultaneously sculpting each clients dream body.
  • The dry sauna burns calories, eliminates toxins, improves sleep, strengthens cardiovascular and immune systems, all while reducing stress and fatigue. We use a dry sauna because they get much hotter than infrared ones and have been shown in studies to dramatically reduce the risk of death from all causes.
  • The Ice bath radically increases the healing of sore muscles, improves circulation, reduces stress, increases levels of serotonin & dopamine for sustained durations, and increases the speed of metabolism. We use one from The Cold Plunge company that gets down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Red-Light Therapy (RLT) has been shown to upgrade the powerhouses in cells, stimulating your body’s natural healing processes. It has been shown to increase collagen production & studies reveal that red light helps heal age-related eyesight problems and also shows a wide range of hormone benefits in all sexes. RLT can decrease inflammation and speed up the body’s recovery process.
  • A customized nutrition plan that aligns with each client’s dvalues and goals will be created & implemented, it is a vital portion of a holistic approach to longevity. Bi-weekly meetings will be held with a Wholeistic Professional to help keep clients on track and make adjustments in real time.
  • Yoga is a crucial aspect to the Wholeistic Fitness model; providing not only recovery through the movements and stretching, but for those who use it as such, a spiritual practice and place to gather with friends. Five classes will be offered every week to start, 3 in the weekday evenings and 2 on Sundays.
  • An existing community, Tribe of Phoenix will be integrated into the facility and continue its legacy of creating a safe space for humans to congregate in person to co-create a place of healing, growth, and community. The weekly gatherings consist of holotropic breathwork, music, dance, and much more.

“Wholeistic Fitness is an experience that is focused on a holistic approach to your fitness of your body, mind, spirit, and community. A place that unites people around common, transformational goals,” says Joshua Byrd, the founder, “Where, you, the members will come to not only transform your lives through physical fitness but to enrich them through nutrition and recovery centered modalities, all bound by a deep focus on cultivating connection through accountability & community. It is a 360-degree all-encompassing approach to YOUR sustainable lifestyle and connection to others.”

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