Glendale Chamber Connects Business and Education Community with New Committee

Glendale Chamber of Commerce

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce announced the formation of an Education Committee specifically tasked with connecting the needs of business with the passion of the education community. Open dialog around developing skill set geared toward industry need is crucial as employers continue to struggle in their quest for a qualified work force. Uniting schools, business and the community around educational excellence, real world learning and mentorship will inspire innovation, drive growth, and attract investment.

The committee will focus on traditional institutions of higher education and vocational training partners to develop programs tasked with meeting the need of business. Developing career pathways focused on critical skills designed to meet the evolving needs of an increasingly technical world are paramount. Furthermore, advocacy at the local, state, and federal level to ensure appropriate funding and resource allocation for education remains a critical concern.

Additional objectives include fostering relationships whereby instruments such as mentorship, principal for a day, mock interviews, adopt a class/school and intern/externships are avenues for the exchange of timely information.  The committee will celebrate learning, expand teacher and student horizons, support real work learning and drive programs designed to keep talent in Arizona.

The Committee is made up of local leaders in the education sector and members of the business community who have a proven track record of supporting education in the West Valley.

“SRP has a strong dedication to education and apprenticeship as well as dynamic partnerships that cultivate students’ experiences inside and outside the classroom,” said Kate Kochenderfer, Senior Director of Supply Chain, Transportation and Flight Services at SRP. “For many years SRP has offered internship programs across our departments and we partner with our state’s high schools, trade schools and universities to continue developing these programs. Our ongoing objective is to provide our community’s youth ample opportunities for career exploration with a key focus on careers in STEM and sustainability. We look forward to working with this committee to identify avenues that demonstrate the newly developing, exciting career paths available in these areas to a broad range of students from all backgrounds.”

“Furthering strong, established partnerships with the education and business community will fortify the continued growth of a robust economy in the West Valley and throughout Arizona,” said Robert Heidt, President and CEO of the Glendale Chamber. “A workforce developed and trained to tackle the challenges of an ever changing, increasingly technical environment will almost guarantee high quality employment opportunities, talent retention and warrants Arizona as a top destination in regard to business attraction and retention.”

“Being both an educator and business owner, I feel there is a need to establish a stronger working relationship between both sectors,” says Committee Chairperson Angelo Rossetti and adds, “Schools and universities are tasked with the mission to develop a pool of educated and responsible citizens who will be productive members of our community. For businesses to grow and be profitable, we need a steady pool of potential employees who are career ready. Forming this alliance allows all members to see how we can further the goals and mission of the committee to support each other. I am excited to see how we can best serve Glendale and the West Valley as it continues to grow.”

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of nearly 1,400 business enterprises, civic organizations, educational institutions, and individuals. Our mission is to provide leadership that facilitates the creation of a prosperous regional economy and effective advocacy for our members and the business community.

Investing in the Glendale community through Chamber membership supports a program of work that includes economic development, education and talent development, public policy, transportation and infrastructure, technology, as well as business attraction, retention, and expansion.

The Glendale Chamber builds its program of work around the three core principles, an investment in membership brings: business connection, community impact and economic prosperity.

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