Entrepreneur’s Pivot Produces Portable Sanitizing System

by Mike Hunter 

Coronavirus cases are on the rise once again. It is important to implement effective and easy solutions to maintain health safety within public spaces as we continue to move forward in the COVID-19 era. The Portable Sanitizing System powered by ExtremeMist®, is a solution dispersal mechanism that may well be the most convenient, efficient and effective solution to address sanitizing and disinfecting in public spaces. 

Designed and assembled in Scottsdale, the ExtremeMist PSS (Portable Sanitizing System) is an easy-to-use, wireless, lightweight sprayer that has a variable speed remote control. It enables users to sanitize areas quietly with atomized mist in close proximity without disturbing others. By utilizing ExtremeMist’s unique Blue Pump Technology, the ExtremeMist PSS atomizes solutions into a fine mist cloud at 170psi that covers evenly and dries quickly, depending on the solution. This allows the spraying of solutions indoors without harming people in the process, enabling businesses and organizations to quickly sanitize in between events or openings efficiently and effectively. This PSS is a rechargeable battery-powered device that is compatible with the EPA and CDC’s recommended solutions.

Being an avid outdoorsman and traveler, ExtremeMist founder Ron Laikind knew there was a solution to combating dehydration, heat and exhaustion in one product. In 2019, the ExtremeMist® Personal Cooling System (PCS) was launched. Following its immediate success, the world changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led Laikind to pivot ExtremeMist’s Blue Pump Technology for use with sanitizing and disinfecting solutions that could help affected small businesses, schools, churches and residents keep safe in times of uncertainty. He repurposed the ExtremeMist PCS to create the Portable Sanitizing System (PSS) for establishments. Businesses like Tyson Foods, Texas State University, St. Francis Nursing Home and Clean Earth Brands have used the PSS to continue to do business and service people with safety and health as a priority.

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