Critical Steps to Building Your Greater Phoenix Business in 2021

by Rick McCartney

2021 is a time for all businesses to rebuild and do so in a way that can truly empower our companies and profitability. Not only have we as business owners been through a lot in 2020, so have our customers. So, reaching out to them to do business is not just about building our own businesses back, but also about creating products that will be useful and cost-effective in this time of extreme uncertainty. So how do we do that? It can be simple.

Step One: Pare Down for 2021

There is simply no time to deal with all of the “mumbo jumbo” that arises at year’s end for businesses after the year we’ve had. It is time to pare down those processes and cut the fat. Yes, budgeting is critical, Yes, strategy and planning are important. And yes, estimating profits is meaningful. But in 2021, slim them all down.and focus on what you know.
  • Narrow your products/services – Determine what will make you money and serve your customers best. Perhaps shed the rest.
  • Maximize effort in creating that product/service – People, materials, processes to getting that to market is all that matters.Are there ways to limit this and still produce the best product/service?
  • Market to an audience that is your top demographic – Who will be certain to spend? How can you target a group that needs you most? What help can you engage to ensure success?

Step Two: Go with Your Gut!

Your gut instinct likely got you to your most successful self. So, go with your gut. In a time when we find ourselves questioning our every move (to stay open, buy inventory, hire), it is so important to go back to our basic selves and do what we are good at doing. You know your business. You know your market. But, you may not know what those things will look like for 2021. That’s fair. However, it is NOT going to get you moving forward in business if you dwell on the problem. Instead, focus on your successes.
  • Analyze what made you a success in the first place – What do clients buy most? What do the people around you say is your greatest company success? What is most profitable? What do you an your staff enjoy? Forget the rest for 2021.
  • Focus your efforts on that success – How can you optimize production of it? How can you market it? Keep it simple and stay on point. How can you ease efforts around it? Pick one success and run with it for 2021.
  • Market ONE message only for 2021 – Think about your messaging for THIS year. What will your best customer want to know about your product/service? How will it solve your customers’ problems or satisfy them? What will give them such a feeling that they cannot live without it this year?

Step Three: Take Action and Be Flexible

Flexible, schmexible. We have all been forced to be flexible, but if ever there was a time to be okay with it, it is now. I say, “Plan like we know and pivot like never before.” I realize that knowing i must be flexible has made 2020 (dare I say this?) a fun challenge – to a degree. I have embraced change, allowed for flexibility and certainly realized that we are all in this together. So, keep in mind:
  • Embracing change gives us possibility – Albeit hard, a belief in this notion means your energy will be directed in a way that can help you. It frees you from the fight, to a degree, and can open doors.
  • Be open to new ideas – Despite going with your gut and your success prioritizing your efforts, remain open to disruption and change. Ask yourself, “Can this work for me and not against me?” And look around you at what your competitors are doing. Does what you see make sense for you?
  • Make outreach to clientele your priority – How can you get to more prospects in this new world? Embracing flexibility will relieve the fear and empower you to communicate more freely and honestly. Where is the low hanging fruit and how can you get your share? Be ready to pivot and make bold decisions if necessary.
Not all of the answers for 2021 can be resolved, but hopefully this is a start and a conscious moment where we, as business owners, allow ourselves to accept the interesting year we have ahead.
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