Arizona Edibles Co. Introduces CBN Gummy to Help with Sleeplessness

OGeez! Brands, a leading Arizona-based edibles company, is unveiling a gummy to help with those restless nights. The new product — a 2-to-1 ratio gummy with 10 milligrams of THC and 5 of CBN — officially launched on September 21 and is now on shelves in dispensaries throughout the Grand Canyon State. It debuted in an Aquaberry flavor, a blend of tangy passion fruit and fresh blueberry, and is being sold in navy blue bags of 10 units under the tagline “Flavoring Dreams.”

“So many people either pop pills or stare at the TV until 3 a.m. because they can’t relax and fall asleep,” said OGeez! CEO Bran Noonan. “We’re excited to be launching a CBN gummy to help with sleeplessness, restlessness and relaxation. A quality night of sleep and the ability to relax are so crucial to leading a productive and happy life.”

The gummy is hitting a market with strong CBN momentum. Sales for CBN edibles in Arizona clocked in at $5.58 million through July of this year — and are projected to triple 2021’s CBN sales by the end of the year.

That’s no big surprise given that millions of Americans suffer from some form of sleeplessness every year. According to news reports, the market for prescription and over-the-counter sleep medications was pegged at $2.1 billion in 2020.

Also known as cannabinol, CBN is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBN is THC that’s been exposed to heat and light and has reduced psychoactive effects. Initial studies have shown it to be both a sleep aid and an anti-inflammatory.

The addition of this CBN gummy adds yet another major asset to OGeez’s already significant portfolio of products and flavors. In addition to the signature fruit and cream gummies that OGeez! is known for, the company released its blockbuster RSO gummy in October 2021, its 3-milligram “mini” gummy in May and a limited-edition summer Piña Colada gummy in June.

Peg’s Raspberry Orange RSO gummy — which was named in honor of OGeez’s late-founder Peggy Noonan — skyrocketed in popularity and quickly became the company’s top-selling product. Its potency level has captured both medicinal and adult users. The mini, meanwhile, has appealed to experienced cannabis users looking to microdose as well as to newcomers looking to test the cannabis waters. And the Piña Colada was a major summer hit with dispensaries and consumers alike.

But Peg’s RSO may have some stiff competition on its hands. Pre-sales in September made the new CBN OGeez’s second highest-selling product for the month.

Noonan said OGeez is “beyond excited” to debut the company’s CBN gummy and “see what it can do,” adding that its “standout flavor and competitive price” would distinguish it in a crowded market.

Sierra Mills, a manager at The Flower Shop Arizona, agreed. She said that while there are already a few sleep products on the market, OGeez!’s new gummy was sure to “be a hit.”

“The dosing is always on point and I’ve never tasted a better gummy,” Mills said of OGeez! products.

OGeez! is already collaborating with dispensaries on a promotional sleep box that will include a bag of the new gummies along with other sleep-related items. More information on which dispensaries will carry the boxes will be released soon.

“Bringing a CBN product into the mix marks another major expansion of OGeez’s offerings,” Noonan said. “We’ve always had the flavor. Now we have married that with a serious collection of products that appeal to the different needs of the market.”

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