Avoiding Election Pitfalls by Focusing on What the Majority of Arizona Voters Care About


As primary campaigns hit the final stretch, several of the front and center topics being pushed run the risk of “turning off” significant portions of the electorate. To deter non-priorities that are receiving outsized attention and shift focus to what most voters want to be discussed in this election, Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) announced today several topics that didn’t make the Arizona Voters’ Agenda– a data-driven look at what a majority of likely Arizona voters care about and want candidates to address in the midterm election.

The Arizona Voters’ Agenda was developed from recent survey research of Republican, Democratic, and independent/unaffiliated voters of all ages and is built on where a majority of likely voters across political and age groups agree. The data reveals topics that are most important to voters. It also shows that several of the topics currently dominating political dialogue are not prioritized by majorities of voters.

“Pitfalls” create dead ends in the political discourse and drive attention away from the significant number of issues upon which large portions of the electorate agree. CFA aims to shift election dialogue away from the pitfalls of divisive issues, which tend to stifle solution-building and cause voters to tune out.

“The polarization narrative dominates our political life, and it misleads us. The way to work our way out of disillusionment with our politics is by avoiding these pitfalls and working together to achieve the prosperity Arizonans want for our state and its people,” said Dr. Sybil Francis, President & CEO of CFA. “A failure to heed the voices of Arizona voters and their preferences in our election campaigns is a missed opportunity to further our democracy. This is an opportunity to better align the priorities of Arizona voters with their electoral choices. The broad agreement we see across parties and age demographics on the issues important to the future of our state can and should be reflected in our politics.”

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