by Mike Hunter

ScrappyPaying one’s dues and plugging away may gain a person enough experience through “the school of hard knocks” to be successful. But for those who want to reach their goals faster, earn more, beat the odds — and do it with class and style — it’s time to get scrappy. Scrappy people see big problems and come up with big solutions. Or they see ordinary challenges and find a new path to extraordinary results. They’re like the entrepreneur who turned his home into an indoor jungle — complete with waterfalls, tropical birds, and a live baboon — to sell investors on the now-famous Rainforest Café restaurant chain. Or the Girl Scout who skipped the usual door-to-door cookie sales and set up a table outside a medical marijuana dispensary, selling 117 boxes in just two hours.

Title: Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big (Hardcover)
Author: Terri L. Sjodin
Publisher: Portfolio
Available: 8/23/16
Pages: 256

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