Brand Desire

by Mike Hunter

brand-desireIf companies can create true desirability for their brands, customers will not only express preference and loyalty, they also show a willingness to act as brand champions, participate in online communities, co-create innovative ideas, and show the sort of commitment that is normally associated with fervent employees. Brands need to nurture it by offering both security and surprise. This isn’t just about marketing, but rather a reflection of an organization-wide culture and perspective. Using international case studies, Brand Desire explains how companies can engage customers emotionally and create value for them. Managers can successfully build and maintain brand desire through specific strategies and tools, two of which are promoting a principles-driven organization that is grounded in its heritage and distinctive competences and creating a supportive culture that encourages the active participation of people in brand development.

Title: Becoming Hewlett Packard: Why Strategic Leadership Matters (1st Edition)
Authors: Nicholas Ind and Oriol Iglesias
Publisher: Bloomsbury Business
Available: 12/1/6
Pages: 200

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