Upcoming Changes Make Getting a Commercial Loan a Priority Now


Small business owners who have been on the fence about seeking a commercial loan may want to take notice of some changes that are about to take place in the financial world. Our Soldiers Corp (OSC) is warning that now is the best time to get a commercial loan due to those upcoming changes. Those who do not act now may have a more difficult time securing the funding later on.

“Those who do not work in the industry are likely not paying much attention to what is going on,” explains Will Post, veteran and founder of Our Soldiers Corp – Commercial Lending. “Yet those changes will have a big impact on commercial loans for small businesses in the future.”

According to OSC, the changes going on in the financial world that will impact commercial loans for small businesses involve BRICS and changes with the Small Business Administration (SBA). Looking at what is happening with them helps people see what is likely to occur down the road.

BRICS, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, and China, is a global currency steadily gaining popularity. While the US dollar has always dominated international trade, it is being pushed aside for BRICS. There are a growing number of countries that have expressed interest in making the switch to using BRICS for their global trade. Financial experts predict that BRICS will lead to a further decline in the US dollar’s strength in the global market as more countries switch to using it.

With the growth of BRICS looming and the changes recently announced by the SBA, it is clear that now is the time for small businesses to secure commercial loans. The SBA has announced changes that will take place, impacting the industry. The changes they are making will expand their reach in providing commercial loans. They will reduce the red tape associated with obtaining loans and make it easier for people to get them, especially if they belong to a minority group.

With the decline in the US dollar on the global market combined with the expansion of SBA loan opportunities, now is the ideal time for small businesses to secure a commercial loan. The loans can be used to expand their business, purchase commercial property or equipment, or finance operations.

“I truly believe that now is the time to protect your business because the US dollar could potentially face a crash as a world currency,” adds Post. “Companies will need funding, and now is the time, rather than waiting until there is a roller coaster ride with the US dollar, coupled with unstable markets. Plus, interest rates could double in an unstable market.”

Our Soldiers Corp Commercial Lending evaluates funding options from all 50 states. The company is veteran owned and run by a team of veterans. As a broker agent service, they work with over 100 lenders, helping people find the best options to help grow their businesses and meet their needs.

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