Bank Addresses the #1 Risk to Arizona Small Businesses: Cyberattacks

Integro Bank announced that with cyber-attack risks representing the #1 threat to small businesses, it is now offering increased cyber risk protection to its clients.

Business owners should be concerned that “53% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses and 60% of small businesses that are victims of a data breach, permanently close their doors within six months of attack.” 1  “Over 90% of cyberattacks start with phishing.”2

“In June 2020, tens of thousands of Wells Fargo customers were sent calendar invites in an attempt to lure them to a fake Wells Fargo site.  In January 2021, Citibank security teams discovered a Citibank phishing website that used a convincing domain name,”3

In response to rising risks of cyber-attacks, only a select few banks in Arizona, Nevada, and California have implemented a new, more secure internet domain known as .Bank.

Thomas J. Inserra, CEO & Founder stated: “Since the new .Bank internet domain offers a higher level of protection to businesses, Integro Bank proactively has opted to be among the first banks in our region to offer this higher level of protection to our clients.”  While no service can completely eliminate cyber threats, the new .Bank internet domain offers a higher level of protection than existing .com domains.

While .com websites are available to anyone, the .Bank domain is only available to verified banks and has heightened security which is monitored for compliance.  The .Bank domain reduces the threat of users being redirected to fake bank websites, makes it more difficult for criminals to phish and spoof emails, and has enhanced encryption.  These advanced security features boost small business protection.

Integro Bank is an FDIC-insured bank based in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Our proprietary INTEGRO360SM consultative approach and CEO Club are designed to help small businesses grow and maximize employment. Why? Because employment lifts people up and transforms lives. Integro Bank is among the few banks in our region currently utilizing a .Bank domain.

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