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Local statistics, market trends, loan and banking product opportunities are available in this Finance and Banking Business Solution Center dedicated to both funding and best practices that will help businesses of all sizes improve their financial health.

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Wealth Management: How to Prosper in the New Economy

After four years of government polices like the zero-down-payment initiative, the Single-Family Affordable Housing Tax Credit, the American Dream Downpayment Initiative and other questionable mortgage and financial innovations, the housing bubble burst. Download PDF


Is it Time to Change Standards for Banking’s Assessment of Risk?

Banks are the underpinning of commerce. One of their key roles — if not the key role — is to intermediate financial risk among individual businesses and broad sectors. Health of the banks, as recent events have underscored, is of vital concern to those outside the banking industry as well as those in it. Download PDF

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Financial Statements: The Crucial Monthly Close

How is your business doing lately? As an owner, you probably have a sense of how things are going, but is it right? While I have developed a great respect for an owner’s “gut feel” over my 40 years of consulting, there are many illusions and counter-intuitive aspects to business that can mislead owners. Download PDF


Best Practices for Accounts Receivable Collection

The cash-flow crisis resulting from inadequate accounts receivable collection practices in a growing business is generally the greatest threat the business will ever face. Download PDF

Finance & Banking Resource Center

Loan Modification May Be Option if Loan Is Current
As the economy slowly turns itself around for many, small businesses that have been hanging on even if struggling may have more financing options available to them than they’re aware of. For a business to be able to get any concessions from a bank, however, it’s imperative that it start talking to the bank before getting behind in payments on its business loans. Download PDF


If Cash Is King, then Working Capital Is God
Working capital management is the most important management activity in emerging and mid-sized companies because of the significant financial impact that it has on the company’s well-being. While most CEOs and business owners have heard and accept that “Cash is King,” working capital is often the least understood and most poorly managed area of their companies. Download PDF

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FSW Small Business Financing: Why are companies choosing to factor and how does it work?

Learn about alternative funding through this comprehensive white paper by FSW Funding.

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