Workplace Fairness Highlights Women’s Issues in the Workplace

Since it’s Women’s History Month, Workplace Fairness  is promoting some of its online content that impacts women the most. Women continue to be among the workers who experience disproportionate occurrences of pay inequity, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and more. It’s up to employers and workers alike to be aware of and address the injustices experienced by marginalized groups in the workplace.

To address this disparity, Workplace Fairness is highlighting sections of their award-winning content to spread awareness on the employment issues disproportionately impacting women:

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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights’ pages help workers better understand their rights and identify and address unfair treatment. Millions of workers in all 50 states rely on Workplace Fairness for information about their workplace rights and can find more information here: Your Rights – Workplace Fairness

The organization continues to experience growth reaching and helping over 2.5 million individual workers nationally: over 2.5 million. Workplace Fairness publishes a weekly newsletter,  Workplace Week, which covers news and commentary on critical issues affecting employees and their advocates.

Founded in 1994 as the National Employee Rights Institute, Workplace Fairness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates and maintains a comprehensive, digital one-stop-shop for free and unbiased information about workers and their legal rights in the workplace. The organization provides resources on their award-winning website that resolves work-related issues and encourages policymakers, members of the business community and the public at large to view the fair treatment of workers as both good business practice and sound public policy.

Workplace Fairness has been an anchor for workers nationwide since 2001 – over 20 years with its dynamic, award-winning website – serving as the #1 most comprehensive online source of free information about workplace rights and about resolving workplace problems.

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