Events Co. Names August ‘Hero Appreciation Month’ with Discount for First Responders

op Up Events

August will be Hero Appreciation Month at its drive-in events site at WestWorld of Scottsdale. As a thank you to healthcare workers, school teachers and education staff, police, fire and military personnel for their heroic services during these unprecedented times, Pop Up Events is offering discounted tickets to their families valid for any movie in the month of … [More]

Cox to Purchase SRP Clean Energy to Advance Aggressive National Sustainability Goals

Cox Communications

Driving positive environmental change inside the company and within the communities served — it is a legacy challenge for Cox Communications, the largest broadband, phone and video provider in Arizona.  Through its national sustainability program, Cox Conserves, the family-owned parent company, Cox Enterprises, has goals of zero waste to landfill by 2024, and to be carbon and … [More]

Arizona PPE Manufacturer to Start Production on 1 Billion Masks


US POWER AZ PPE, an Arizona manufacturer of high quality, reusable 3-Ply smart masks, announced today that its POWER3 Smart Mask and Filter inserts will commence production this week with an anticipated run rate of 1 billion per year. POWER3 3-Ply mask will utilize patented Smart Filter technology to protect users from airborne particulates.  It will also protect against the … [More]

HR Professionals Are Most Involved in These 3 Activities, According to Survey


The three learning, development, and training activities in which HR staff are most involved are sexual harassment prevention training, antidiscrimination training, and new hire onboarding, according to 325 US employers responding to XpertHR's 2020 Survey on Learning, Development, and Training. The survey asked about 10 learning, development, and training activities, and … [More]

Arizona Joins National Network to Reskill Workers

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Arizona is joining a coalition of 20 states, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, and the American Association of Community Colleges—with support from Lumina Foundation and the Siemens Foundation—to launch the Reskilling and Recovery Network. The Network will equip Arizonans with the skills they need to get back to work and help communities … [More]

New Identity Integrates Global Tech Subsidiaries to Boost Transformational Outcomes


Next-Gen product engineering and digital experience services leader Indecomm Digital Services Inc. announced the company and its subsidiaries, Nearsoft and Söoryen Technologies, have unified and are now operating under the name Encora. The strategic positioning better enables Encora to boost business outcomes for its global client base by combining the best talent and … [More]

Hiring Remote Software Developers? Consider This … 

by Alister Harris

Whenever you need a software developer — whether it is to build a website, create an app, for a smartphone idea, or to enable a more integrated CRM and accounting system for your business — quotes from American companies can feel prohibitively expensive. So outsourcing the work to far-flung countries like Colombia, India, the Philippines or Vietnam for a fraction of the cost … [More]

How Businesses Are (Carefully) Promoting Their Brands during COVID-19

by Mike Hunter

Thanks to COVID-19 and social unrest, 2020 brought an unwelcome wrinkle to public relations game plans. Put out the wrong message – or even the right message with the wrong approach – and a business can end up sounding insensitive or opportunistic, driving away both the media and the potential customers they are trying to reach. Yet, despite the difficulties, many … [More]

How to Reach Out to People You Don’t Know … Yet

by Cheryl Hyatt

A healthy network is a growing network. Successful professionals are constantly cultivating new connections and keeping in touch with individuals they’ve collaborated with. When an opportunity to connect with someone new presents itself, don’t hesitate to take it. When reaching out to someone new, your approach matters. The tone you strike and method you use can make the … [More]