VIDEO: Governor and Health Services Director Share COVID-19 Updates

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ, Arizona Department of Economic Security Director Tom Betlach and Local First Arizona Executive Director Kimber Lanning today held a briefing to share updates on COVID-19. The Governor discussed the state’s latest COVID-19 response efforts, including providing $2 million in funding for Goodwill … [More]

Workforce Alternatives: Don’t Stop at Stopgap Measures

by Marta Moakley

COVID-19 has taken a toll on the workforce, with many employers considering furloughs, layoffs and workplace closures. While some employers may not be able to avoid permanent layoffs as a result of the pandemic, others are exploring temporary layoffs or other stopgap measures in the interest of keeping as many employees on the payroll as possible. Only 7 percent of companies … [More]

Packaging and Labeling Rules Relaxed for Local Restaurants

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Governor Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order allowing Arizona restaurants to repackage and sell grocery items they have on hand, including items not normally packaged and labeled for resale. Governor Ducey’s order comes in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration’s recent decision to provide temporary flexibility for nutrition labeling of packaged food. “Even with … [More]

Order Increases Restrictions for Certain Out-Of-State Travelers

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, Governor Doug Ducey today issued an Executive Order to increase quarantine guidelines for out-of-state travelers entering Arizona. Under the Executive Order, anyone who travels to Arizona from an area with substantial community spread through any airport in the state must isolate or quarantine themselves upon arrival for 14 … [More]

Arizona Expanding COVID-19 Data Gathering to Protect Public Health

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Governor Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order expanding healthcare reporting requirements on hospitals and health care providers to better track data needed to protect health care workers and patients and help slow the spread of COVID-19. The additional data will include the number of ICU beds and ventilators in use for COVID-19 patients, the number of suspected COVID-19 … [More]

Governor Strengthening Protection in Residential and Nursing Healthcare Facilities

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Governor Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order enhancing and reinforcing health protection in Arizona residential care institutions, nursing care institutions and related health care facilities. The order requires all staff to use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), implementing symptom checks for those entering the facility, offering electronic communication if … [More]

Biosafety Trust Certification to Mitigate the Risk of Infection and Renew Confidence


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and to help restart economic activity RINA has devised the Biosafety Trust Certification, the first management system certification aimed at the prevention and mitigation of the spread of infections in public places and to provide greater health safety.   The new management system provides a set of best practices to help minimize the … [More]

FieldMed Launches New TeleHealth Feature with In-Home COVID-19 Screening Capabilities for Paramedics and Providers


To help fight the spread of COVID-19 and reduce hospital overcrowding due to the pandemic, FieldMed has launched a new telehealth feature specifically for COVID-19 screening capabilities that allows paramedics and in-home practitioners to connect patients directly with doctors without ever leaving their homes. FieldMed is the first-ever dedicated community health software … [More]

$2 Million in Funding for Goodwill Services

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Governor Doug Ducey announced $2 million in funding to put 400 Arizona Goodwill employees back to work and expand support and services to Arizonans in need. The funding is part of a $50 million COVID-19 relief package passed by the Legislature and signed into law last month by the Governor. “Goodwill is a beacon of hope for countless Arizonans across our state,” said … [More]

East Valley Chambers Release Second COVID-19 Business Impact Report


The East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA) released today the findings from the second survey of a series conducted of its more than 5,000 members to determine the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their revenue, operations, and supply chains. The report includes responses from nineteen industry sectors and nearly 70 percent of respondents represent … [More]