WEBINAR – May 13: Fighting COVID-19 with 3D Printing


As companies gear up to fight the spread of Coronavirus, innovative technologies such as 3D printing have exploded onto the scene as a means to develop personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and medical staff faster and more efficiently. When traditionally manufactured equipment isn't available due to supply shortages 3D printing has been getting PPE into the hands … [More]

Report Tells of COVID-19 Impact on Local Nonprofits

Gilbert and Mesa Chambers of Commerce

The Town of Gilbert, Dignity Health, and Gilbert and Mesa Chambers of Commerce teamed up to reach out to area non-profits to gain an understanding of the immediate and long term impact and need of these organizations as a result of COVID-19. The group first conducted a survey sent to more than 100 non-profits with a primary focus on those serving residents of Gilbert. A … [More]

Job Reference Platform Helps Covid-19 Jobseekers Get Free References


WorkGrades lets jobseekers request, receive and share their references for free. Created and launched by seasoned recruiters, Emily Levine and Natalie Boren, WorkGrades is already used by more than 10,000 companies to seamlessly give references to former employees. "In this environment, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd with your job application. We … [More]

More Than Half of U.S. Employees Worry about Exposure to COVID-19 at Workplace

Eagle Hill Consulting LLC

Fifty-four percent of U.S. employees say they are worried about exposure to COVID-19 at their job, according to a new national poll by Eagle Hill Consulting. Workers indicate that several factors would make them feel safe going back to work – the availability of protective protections like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer (58 percent); mandating employees with symptoms stay … [More]

WEBINAR – 3 dates: Survive and Thrive: Small Businesses and COVID-19

Fintrepid Solutions

As a firm, Fintrepid Solutions have become focused on a rally cry of sorts to help as many businesses as they can survive and thrive.To that end, Ryan has given numerous impactful webinars to CEO groups over the last 10 days and he is launching a new weekly webinar series, The Survive and Thrive: Small Businesses and COVID-19 Series, where he will be discussing the latest … [More]

Arizona REALTORS Announces 2021 Executive Committee Line Officers

The Arizona Association of REALTORS

Arizona REALTORS® has officially elected its executive committee line officers for the 2021 year. The leadership team is comprised of several returning line officers with decades of industry experience including President Jan Leighton, President-Elect Gary Nelson and First Vice President Eric Gibbs. Next year, Yuma real estate pro Shelley Ostrowski will join the executive … [More]

Restaurant Management Platform Launches Program to Help Restaurants Access Capital


Restaurant365, the leading all-in-one restaurant management platform, announces the launch of R365 Capital, a program designed to help restaurants quickly access the capital they need to thrive. Through this free service, restaurant operators complete one application to access loan options for up to 75 of the nation’s top lenders. Loan advisors advocate on behalf of restaurants … [More]

Arizona Medicaid Program Advances $41 Million in Provider Payments

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

To help health care providers address the COVID-19 emergency and ensure their ongoing viability, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona’s Medicaid agency, is advancing more than $41 million in scheduled payments to hospitals, primary care providers, behavioral health outpatient providers, and justice clinic providers who participate in the agency’s … [More]

Is the U.S. Doing Enough Testing? It’s Not Even Close

By Randall Bolten

No, it isn’t – not if we look at the rest of the world.  We’ve all heard that testing is a measure of how effectively a country is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It not only helps us identify cases for treatment, it also enables contact tracing to identify other cases and control the spread of the pandemic.  But how do we measure testing?  And which countries are doing … [More]

Fitness Co. Donates $100,000 and Hosts Test Sites at Fitness Centers

Mountainside Fitness

The state mandated closures surrounding Covid-19 have caused extreme financial hardships to big and small businesses across Arizona, and that doesn’t even compare to the hundreds of lives lost during this pandemic. Wanting to do its part both financially and responsibly, Mountainside Fitness announced the locally owned and operated company will make a $100,000 donation to … [More]

Local Glass Recycling Company Announces Pop-Up Event

GlassKing Recovery & Recycling

Local and family-owned GlassKing Recovery & Recycling is partnering with Strategic Materials and the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) to provide locals with a glass recycling solution during the current quarantine guidelines. The event will focus on the collection of glass from community members, including food, beverage, beer, wine and liquor bottles. The event will be … [More]

Paying Attention to Mental Health Is More Crucial than Ever Before

by John Williams

As the USA experiences a sudden rise in remote work self-isolation and health-related anxiety, this has created a general sense of unease for many people and exacerbated existing mental health issues for many more. Following a surge in anxiety caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, managing and supporting mental health at work has never been more crucial, as research by Pews Research … [More]

Track and Report on Employee Health through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Movista Inc.

Movista has launched a new initiative called Project Health that facilitates help for essential businesses to track and report on employee health in the marketplace, in order to stay compliant with local, state and federal guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ahe_WHDQPY Federal and State Government agencies are passing and implementing … [More]

Pandemic Job Search Tips: Employers and Seekers Take Note

Innovative Management Consulting

How do you begin a job search when so many businesses are closed now or are focused on just trying to keep their doors "open"? "Just making it to tomorrow is a challenge right now. But even in the midst of these times, or maybe especially because of them, it's important to begin a job search for potential work opportunities in the post-pandemic future," says certified … [More]

79% of Businesses Have Rejected Job Candidates Based on Social Media Content says Survey

The Manifest

Most businesses have rejected a potential employee after looking at their social media profiles, according to a new survey from The Manifest, a business news and how-to website. About 90% of employers look at potential employees' social media profiles, and 79% have rejected a candidate based on what they found. Many people focus on building a professional brand on … [More]

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Starts for 5,000 Arizona First Responders

by Mike Hunter

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) and United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association began providing their members with testing for COVID-19 antibodies at three locations in the Phoenix metro area. The tests were made possible thanks to an $80,000 total donation from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Phoenix Suns Charities, which was used to purchase 5,000 test kits … [More]

Industrial Electrical Co. Innovation Detects Elevated Temps of Workers, Groups

Dubak Electrical Group

Dubak Electrical Group has launched DuThermX, the first fully integrated body temperature measurement system for industrial and commercial applications in the United States. The contact-free, high-capacity system detects elevated body temperatures as large numbers of people enter factories, healthcare facilities, buildings, and event venues. The DuThermX system uses advanced … [More]

Free Webinars Help on Remote Ergonomics and Employers’ Support of Staff Working from Home

Poms & Associates

Poms & Associates, a full-service, independent insurance brokerage and risk management firm, today announced the availability of a free educational webinar about remote ergonomics and how employers and supervisors can manage and support employees who are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Part of Poms & Associates’ series of webinars about insurance … [More]

COVID Consortium to Help Companies Navigate COVID-19 Testing


CopernicusMD, a leader in medical, laboratory and billing analytics, announced today the launch of The COVID Consortium, a council of physicians, business leaders, clinical laboratory executives and retired military brass focused on providing testing resources and guidance to businesses across the country preparing to re-open in the COVID-19 environment. Many business owners … [More]