Real-Time Labor Market Estimates during the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Alexander Bick and Adam Blandin

The 2019-2020 coronavirus outbreak has prompted a sharp economic downturn in the U.S. and around the world. Designing and implementing an effective policy response to the crisis is now a major priority for policymakers and researchers. Our work aims to provide data on labor market conditions every other week, with results published the same week, thereby reducing the current … [More]

The Rise of Telework and the Decline of City Centers

by Gad Levanon, Frank Steemers, and Elizabeth Crofoo

When restrictions are eventually lifted, employers and workers must decide how much to continue telework. Until an effective COVID-19 vaccine is available—a state of affairs that is one to two years away—many will fear going to work, and the share of people working primarily from home will remain elevated. Even after full vaccination, with the economy at full capacity, … [More]

Online and Mobile Laundry Service Launches Across Phoenix


With millions of people practicing restrictive stay-at-home measures across Arizona, WashClub, a national app-based laundry service, is launching its services in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With operations already established in New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the owners are excited to bring this convenient … [More]

AAA Arizona Offers Free Roadside Assistance to First Responders and Healthcare Workers


AAA Arizona announced a new initiative offering free AAA Roadside Assistance service to first responders and healthcare workers, to help get these heroes back on the road so they can save lives and keep the community safe. “First responders and healthcare workers are on the front lines of this crisis,” said Tim Condon, President & CEO of AAA Arizona. “Offering free AAA … [More]

Arizonans Opened Their Hearts on Arizona Gives Day Raising $6.1M

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

In an incredible show of generosity and selflessness at a time of unthinkable challenges, nearly 39,000 Arizonans donated a record-shattering $6,095,007 to 913 nonprofit organizations participating in the seventh annual Arizona Gives Day 2020 on April 7. The final numbers for this year’s event, organized by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum and … [More]

Hotel Valley Ho and Mountain Shadows Offer Recipes, Wellness Tips & More

Hotel Valley Ho / Mountain Shadows

Sister properties Hotel Valley Ho in Old Town Scottsdale and Mountain Shadows in Paradise Valley are offering a slice of the boutique hospitality experience you can enjoy at home. Cook Like a Chef Trying to get more creative in the kitchen? Add a dash of Hearth ’61 to your breakfast routine with this recipe for Oven-Baked Multigrain Pancakes with macerated strawberries, … [More]

Beverage Co. Donates more than 1,500 Meals to Support Community Heroes

Breakthru Beverage Group

Breakthru Beverage Group, a leading North American beverage distributor with operations across the United States and Canada including 515 employees and more than 8,200 accounts in Arizona ranging from small mom and pop restaurants to large resorts and entertainment venues, is providing meals to Arizona’s front-line responders battling the COVID-19 outbreak. Beginning this … [More]

Local Auto Repair Cos. Help Other Local Businesses in Need during COVID Crisis

Neighborhood of Automotive Repair Professionals

The Neighborhood of Automotive Repair Professionals (NARPRO) is launching a new community involvement program to help small businesses across the Valley during the COVID-19 crisis. “COVID MAD” stands for a Community of Valiant Individuals Determined to Make a Difference. “As small business owners, we at NARPRO understand the value of community, especially at this time when … [More]

The Viral Spread of Leadership Confusion Is Epic Worldwide Failure

by Peter Kozodoy

Over the past few months, the headlines have been dominated by horrendous counts of sick individuals and — even more sadly — deaths due to COVID-19. But unfortunately, the most threatening atrocity to humanity here isn’t the coronavirus itself; instead, it is the viral spread of confusion that has made a difficult situation into an epic worldwide failure. It doesn’t take … [More]

Why 6 Feet Is Not the ‘Magical Answer’ to Social Distancing

By John Roach, AccuWeather

COVID-19 has led many people to rediscover the joys of walking, jogging and bicycling as so many Americans are encouraged to limit travel and to socially isolate. The pandemic has even caused a surge in bike sales across the United States, according to Reuters. Exercise is good for the body; it’s a way to stay healthy and also a way to relieve stress during these tense times. … [More]

DES Distributes Record High to Arizona Unemployment Insurance Beneficiaries

Department of Economic Security

The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) last week distributed more than $26.9 million in Unemployment Insurance (UI) payments to Arizonans as a result of an unprecedented number of Arizonans applying for unemployment benefits for job losses related to the Coronavirus disease pandemic. An additional $55 million in benefits was distributed Monday to claimants that … [More]

Claims of Success for the Paycheck Protection Program by Officials

U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Jovita Carranza and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin spoke of the successes and record-breaking work regarding the just-launched Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): “The Treasury Department and SBA launched the unprecedented Paycheck Protection Program in just one week.  Following its launch, the SBA processed more … [More]

‘Maker’ Project Sharing Platform Launched Connecting Doers

Make: Community

Make: Community and are delighted to announce that their online project platform Make: Projects has officially launched with over 25,000 members and 8,000 projects, ready to explore. Make: Projects is a place for organizing and sharing projects. It’s an R&D-like platform that connects makers, engineers, students, designers, and doers of all ages. At the … [More]

Is Your Company’s Bench Deep Enough during Difficult Times?

by Bill Higgs

In the uncertain times that COVID-19 produced, business leaders were forced to face the fact that employees might not be available every day to do their jobs — either because of their own health concerns or because they were scrambling to make childcare arrangements due to school closings. And, as the economy takes a hit, some businesses may even need to downsize, leaving … [More]

Alkaline Water’s Richard Wright Leads a Wave of Growth amidst Turbulent Times

by Karen Dybis

With its rapid-fire growth and national brand awareness, Richard A. Wright knew it was time his Alkaline Water Company make another bold move: The Arizona-based business that produces bottled alkaline water, flavored-infused waters and CBD-infused waters recently announced its investment in complete brand refresh. A less bullish brand leader might have postponed such an … [More]

New Directives to Improve Federal Contract Compliance Assistance

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, a program of the U.S. Department of Labor, announced three new directives today to maximize the effectiveness of our compliance assistance resources, increase accountability, and resolve federal contractor compliance evaluations more efficiently. The new directives include: Improved Compliance Evaluations – Outlines new … [More]