BBB Serves Small Business with Online CARES Act & PPP Course

BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest

Small business owners are currently inundated with an overload of financial relief options available to alleviate the detrimental impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With this influx of crucial information, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest finds it vital to help guide companies as they navigate potentially business-saving options. In … [More]

COVID- 19 Watch: Meeting Immediate Demand for Medical Care Facilities

by Beth Scarano

The COVID-19 outbreak has Arizona watching and learning from cities and countries around the world. As the pandemic unfolds, the state must prepare for a potential surge in cases that can put overwhelming demand on local hospitals and medical staff. While Arizona’s numbers remain relatively low compared to densely populated cities across the U.S., the state is projected to … [More]

Vegan Meal Delivery Service Welcomes Renowned Nutritionist to Team

Rick McCartney

The Vegan Taste, the country’s longest running fully plant-based meal delivery service, has welcomed world renowned Nutritionist, PK Newby to its team. Founded in 2006 by acclaimed Vegan Chef, Jason Wyrick, The Vegan Taste delivers healthy, expertly crafted artisan meals to subscribers’ doorsteps. Providing consulting for his menus, Wyrick and Newby are a culinary and dietary … [More]

HR Tracking App Now Screens Workers for COVID-19


Arcoro, a proven provider of human resources management (HRM) solutions for high-risk industries, is proud to announce that its time and attendance tracking app now supports businesses in their efforts to screen workers for COVID-19 with a simple survey at clock-in. To help protect Arcoro customers and their employees, the time and attendance app now includes an optional … [More]

Valley Event Co. Pivots to Become Disaster Relief Group

Pride Group

When the pandemic forced events to shut down, Pride Group looked for new ways to help and keep their employees healthy and working where able. The company transformed to go head-on into the community to solve what is needed. They utilized resources to transition into a full-fledged disaster relief group, providing a full-service approach to the challenges many organizations … [More]

Arizona Company Getting Healthcare Providers to the Front Lines to Fight COVID-19

AB Staffing Solutions

An Arizona staffing company is working around the clock to get healthcare providers to the front lines in the COVID-19 crisis. Since mid-March, AB Staffing Solutions in Gilbert has sent over 200 registered nurses, physicians and respiratory therapists to areas hit hard by the novel Coronavirus in a race to save lives. According to the company’s President, Evan Burks, “Our … [More]

Provider Assistance for Grant Writing, Small Business Loan Applications

Rick McCartney

Arizona Complete Health is providing assistance to network providers in Arizona who are seeking relief amid the COVID-19 pandemic through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the CARES Act. Arizona Complete Health is sharing access to a dedicated online portal of Provider Financial Support & Resources, where network providers can research benefits they may be … [More]

Request for Insurance Extensions for Arizona Customers

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

The Arizona Department of Insurance is urging insurers across the state to work with Arizonans to ensure their coverage continues, providing much-need support to the individuals, families and businesses facing financial challenges because of COVID-19. “Arizona is working to ensure those facing financial hardship because of COVID-19 get the support they need to get through … [More]

The COVID-19 Continues to Impact Number of Unemployment Claims

U.S. Department of Labor

In the week ending April 11, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 5,245,000, a decrease of 1,370,000 from the previous week's revised level. The previous week's level was revised up by 9,000 from 6,606,000 to 6,615,000. The 4-week moving average was 5,508,500, an increase of 1,240,750 from the previous week's revised average. The previous week's … [More]

Common Mistakes Leaders Make in a Crisis like COVID-19

by Niamh O’Keeffe

As we navigate this global pandemic, companies and their leaders are at a breaking point—and only the most adaptable will survive. No one wants to admit it, but leaders at the top are frightened; there are fewer knowns and the pace of change ushered in by the coronavirus is so fast-moving that it is hard to keep up. Rather than be overwhelmed by an onset of new challenges, … [More]