Small Businesses Gain the Buying Power of Big Corporations in Healthcare Benefits

by Mike Hunter

CarynHealth, the small-business association health plan brand of Association Health Plans of America, LLC, offers an “association in the box,” the next-generation approach to the small employer healthcare marketplace. AHPA was formed to meet the breakthrough opportunity provided by the Association Health Plan regulation recently put forth by the U.S. Department of Labor allowing small businesses to group together for health benefits. AHPA expects price improvement over existing plans, saving small businesses up to 15 percent. This new opportunity could positively affect 28 million small businesses across the United States.

AHPA is launching its initial health plans in two states, Georgia and Arizona, under its CarynHealth brand during the second quarter. CarynHealth selected HSBSuite™ from HSBlox to power this program. HSBSuite’s distributed ledger technology (“DLT” aka “blockchain”) smart contract-enabled solutions bring automation, transparency and real-time permissioned disclosure of data to the healthcare benefit ecosystem.   

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