Disrupting Traditional Rx

by Mike Hunter

SpotRx Kiosk

SpotRx, a next-gen pharmacy, may help do to the traditional pharmacy model what Netflix did to Blockbuster. With the goal to be the “everywhere, anytime” pharmacy, SpotRx is a medical “vending machine” where individuals can consult an e-doctor/pharmacist, transfer a prescription and pickup (or opt for delivery of) their medications. The company currently has a stand-alone kiosk in the Biltmore Center, plans to launch inside medical clinics and, in March, open a souped-up brick-and-mortar version in Tempe.

“We chose Arizona because it was a pro-technology state from a regulatory perspective that would allow us flexibility when launching our different services,” says Seema Siddiqui, vice president of pharmacy operations and regulatory affairs for SpotRx. “Last year, we offered just a tease of our services to Tempe residents and in limited parts of Tucson. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which has encouraged the expansion of our footprint in 2019.”

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