Arizona Metro One of Best-Equipped for EVs in the Country, Says Study

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The electric revolution marches on, with the US set on achieving new growth milestones every year. Changes in global transportation and mobility are being driven by the issue of climate change, with the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) viewed as a vital point in decreasing carbon emissions. Recently, StorageCafe conducted a study to identify the best-equipped metro areas for EVs.

They rated over 100 metropolitan areas based on 17 key metrics such as the number of EVs, availability of public chargers, price of electricity (expressed as an eGallon), dedicated highway systems (HOV and HOT lanes), condition of roads, clean energy, EV insurance costs and local incentives.

According to the research, Phoenix stands out as the 11th-best metropolitan area in which to own an electric car, primarily thanks to the high number of registered EVs and the EV-friendly highway system.

Here are a few key findings about the Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler metropolitan area:

  • With over 38,000 electric vehicles on the roads, Phoenix is at the forefront of the sustainable mobility movement.
  • The city’s EV-friendly infrastructure, including over 17% of lane mileage dedicated to HOV highways and 0.4 public charging stations/1,000 households, makes owning an EV in Phoenix easier than ever. Moreover, renters also have greater convenience these days as nearly 5.7% of apartment buildings offer charging stations (a 27% increase compared to 2021).
  • With affordable eGallon prices and low monthly insurance rates, Phoenix is proving that sustainable transportation isn’t just good for the environment – it’s also good for your wallet.

You can find the full report, together with how experts answered some questions about the current infrastructure and electric cars proliferation, here.

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