Funding for Business

by Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell

No doubt about it, there’s plenty of economic uncertainty in the world, let alone Arizona, today. But Valley bankers and those associated with the banking industry want entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-sized businesses to know their institutions have been, and continue to be, ready to talk lending. “We’re all dying for loans,” asserts Candace Wiest, president and CEO … [More]

Robert Sarver, Western Alliance Bancorporation

from Robert Sarver

The economy in Arizona is steadily recovering and banks have increased lending to businesses. The past four years have been tough for big and small business alike, and there is no question that financial institutions have been tested through what has been the worst economic cycle since the Great Depression. Banks that have had access to capital and were proactive navigating … [More]

Golf: A Swing and a Walk Is Good for Business

by Glenn Swain

Every morning grounds crews on more than 420 Arizona golf courses activate sprinkler systems, meticulously manicure greens and rake sand traps in anticipation of the nearly 12 million rounds of 18-hole golf games played in the state each year. While the game of golf has a way of teaching humility, it equally has a way of pumping life into Arizona’s economy. According to … [More]

E-mail: Is It Casual Conversation or a Binding Contract?

by Jon Weiss and Dan Waite

In the good ol’ days of e-mail, the biggest downside was the occasional virus or an obscure spam invitation to support an even more obscure Nigerian military commander. Oh, how times have changed. Now, seemingly innocuous e-mail exchanges between business and client (or employee and a vendor) regarding a potential contract could be considered legally binding … “We Got a Deal … [More]

Dealing with ‘Difficult’ Colleagues Leads to Happier Customers

by Ron Kaufman

Too often, organizations promise satisfaction to external customers and then allow internal politics to frustrate their employees’ good intentions to deliver. It’s important to remember that customers aren’t the only ones who come through an organization’s door every day seeking quality service. Employees and company leaders also need to be served. If they’re not happy, it’s … [More]