Do Employers Care about #MeToo?

by Carin Van Vuuren

In the first major study of its kind to look at both the employer and individual employee perspectives on the most important issues surrounding work today, the recent Workplace Intelligence Report from Greenhouse identified troubling gaps in employer-based programs that address diversity and inclusion (D&I) and sexual harassment. According to the report, talent is often … [More]

Veyo Innovates Non-Emergency Medical Transport

by Stan Sipes

  Launched alongside Medicaid in 1965, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) had remained largely unchanged for almost 50 years. A Medicaid member calls in to book a trip, the trip is faxed to a transportation provider along with a group of trips, the trip is completed by the transportation provider, and the results of the trip are faxed back to the broker for … [More]

The Law and Your Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses now operate in a fast-changing world. Technology may get most of the “credit” for this, but legal issues also present in a kaleidoscope of local, regional, national and international regulations; public awareness and mobilization; and operational changes.   A few areas where this is felt that are of common concern across industries are employment, … [More]

The Law and Your Business: Privacy and Data Security

by RaeAnne Marsh

The internet figures into another of the key areas of common business concern: data security and privacy. Of these related topics, concerns about privacy issues are supplanting data security. Says Kim Phan, a partner at Ballard Spahr, “While data security was the hot topic a couple of years ago in the wake of major data breaches at Target, Sony and Equifax, the new hot topic is … [More]

The Law and Your Business: Global Commerce

by RaeAnne Marsh

One of the most volatile areas of commerce for businesses here — especially with the current political situation — is global trade, and Melissa Proctor, a principal with Miller Proctor Law, notes, “We continue to see fast-moving developments on the global trade front that may significantly impact imports and exports.” The most recent examples involve the increases in tariffs on … [More]