Are We Winning?

by Pat Kossan

Arizona’s economic researchers say 2014 looks flat and steady. At least, say the optimists among them, we’re not going backward. The problem is jobs. One of every five Arizona workers has a job in two industry categories, either “retail” or “professional and business services.”  Arizona’s 2013 job growth in these critical categories lagged behind national growth. Arizona … [More]

Governor Janice Brewer, State of Arizona

from Janice K. Brewer

Since the statewide economic slide of the recent recession, Arizona economic development agencies and business leaders have focused on diversifying the state’s economy beyond the boom-and-bust industries of tourism and construction. Efforts have ranged from identifying sectors built around the “knowledge worker” whose employment helps drive an economy forward and upward to … [More]

How Does the Fitness Sector Shape Up?

by Don Rodriguez

When it comes to staying fit in Phoenix, it can be easy as climbing Camelback Mountain no matter what time of year it is. But many fitness operators have bet people want a little help even in what has been a challenged economy, and that bet is paying off. For Becky Renner, an Arizona regional developer for Orangetheory Fitness, the area’s outdoor recreational opportunities … [More]

Be a Bankable Leader

by Tasha Eurich, Ph.D.

Why won’t my employees just do what I tell them? Why am I struggling to motivate my team? Why aren’t they giving me the performance I need? These are common questions that plague many leaders. Often, companies promote to leadership employees who are competent technical professionals — who know how to build a bridge, negotiate a deal or justify a capital expenditure. But whether … [More]

Trade Across the Border

by RaeAnne Marsh

Going global is where growth opportunities lie for many businesses. Arizona companies may find Mexico and Canada inviting options to consider. MEXICO Those looking at Mexico may find themselves in good company, as 34 percent of Arizona’s exports currently go to our southern neighbor and 35 percent of what we import comes from there. “Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading … [More]