Don’t Sign that Lease without Verified Ventilation Performance Defined

by Tom Kolsun

Did you know you breathe more than 11,000 liters of air a day? If you’re reading this, you will probably spend around 2,000 hours per year breathing the air in the office for which you are about to sign that lease. This year alone, you will bring into your lungs more than 900,000 liters of whatever is in the air of that cool new office space. Would you drink 900,000 liters of … [More]

Workplace Wellness

by RaeAnne Marsh

The landscape of healthcare is in constant flux. This adds an extra element of concern for employers, for whom healthcare benefits are an important part of their operating calculations. Businesses serving those employers’ needs innovate their programs and services as advances in knowledge and technology open new avenues. In Business Magazine asked some of our local leaders … [More]

Workplace Wellness with Frank Molinaro

CEO, Abrazo Community Health Network Arizona Group CEO, Tenet Healthcare What innovations and products have you launched recently or are preparing? First and foremost, Abrazo Community Health Network is focused on providing quality care in a safe environment. Our employees, physicians and volunteers collaborate as a community of care with support for continuing education to … [More]

Workplace Wellness with Paul D. Barnes, Ph.D.

Arizona Plan President Arizona Complete Health What innovations and/or products have you launched recently or are preparing? We have a couple of exciting programs designed to make accessing healthcare easier and more rewarding. Ambetter Telehealth powered by Teladoc is our convenient, 24-hour access to in-network Ambetter healthcare providers for non-emergency health … [More]

Workplace Wellness with Thomas J. Grote

CEO Banner/Aetna What innovations and/or products have you launched recently or are preparing? In 2019, we will continue to make progress in providing a more simplified healthcare delivery process that makes it easier for members to access the care they need at an affordable cost. We will be launching a new virtual healthcare offering this year, allowing members to get the … [More]