Travel Anxiety?

by Mike Hunter

Air travel is common, so it might surprise some to learn that flight anxiety is a phenomenon many people suffer from. Products sold on Patti + Ricky, an e-commerce site featuring designers who make fashion and accessories for the disability community, can help relieve that or other anxiety-related issues for people who, during an important meeting, don’t want to be perceived as rude or inattentive by fidgeting with their phone. (Something to think about as we head into a high season of travel — and gift giving.)

For women, there is fidget jewelry available in necklaces, bracelets and rings. Chewelry, which is described on the site as a “wearable chewing solution” and has several gender-neutral styles and colors, offers another discreet option.

If anxiety comes from the health-related concern of sitting for long periods — whether in a plane or car or other — and the resulting swelling of the legs that, in turn, can result in blood clots, compression socks can help reduce that swelling. (Those with true medical conditions may find their doctors suggest thigh-high styles.) Patti + Ricky offers attractive knee-high styles for men and women.

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