The Law and Your Business

Update on what businesses need to know

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses now operate in a fast-changing world. Technology may get most of the “credit” for this, but legal issues also present in a kaleidoscope of local, regional, national and international regulations; public awareness and mobilization; and operational changes.


A few areas where this is felt that are of common concern across industries are employment, intellectual property, global commerce, privacy and data security, and finance. For an overview of “what businesses need to know,” In Business Magazine turned to attorneys who specialize in these practice areas.


One of the most volatile areas of commerce for businesses here is global trade.

The internet figures into another of the key areas of common business concern: data security and privacy. Of these related topics, concerns about privacy issues are supplanting data security.

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Patents, trademarks and taboo trademarks are intellectual property concerns. Legal efforts in this area are being profoundly impacted by technological advances in data analytics.

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We cover overtime eligibility change, #MeToo reverberations and other social waves.

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Businesses will feel impact of the new 10-year judgment renewal statutes and changes to LLC statutes.

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Change can come from many quarters — through new regulations, new court decisions or public outcry. It’s a never-ending task for businesspeople to understand the impact and formulate the best plan to deal with it. In Business Magazine greatly appreciates the attorneys who shared the expertise of their practice areas.


In Business Magazine is also proud to offer the 2019 edition of its annually updated Business Owner’s Legal Guide.

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