#AZGivesDay Starts at Midnight, but You Can Give Now!

In Business Magazine

How to Give: We urge you, as a company or as an individual, to give on Arizona Gives Day. By participating on this day, you connect or even reconnect with a nonprofit to support its cause and become a true supporter of all that is important in our community. #AZGiveDay Go Beyond Gives Day: We ask that you connect with your nonprofit, and we challenge you to choose one or more … [More]

Cache Ventures Launches Tech Fund and Acquires LeadOwl

Rick McCartney

​​​​​​Cache Ventures, a bootstrapped venture studio in New York City, has announced a partnership with 360 Family Office and the launch of a private equity fund, kicking things off with its first acquisition, LeadOwl. Since 2013, Cache has been entirely self-funded. Founders Sean Heilweil and Jarrett Lusso began by building and launching Exit Monitor, which was acquired in … [More]

Tempe Marketplace Offers Touch-Free Drive-In Takeout Dining

Tempe Marketplace

Tempe Marketplace  has transformed their parking lot into a multi-restaurant, no contact drive-in. The innovative program allows guests to pull into a designated drive-in parking spot, order and pay via their phone, and have a delicious meal served directly to the safety of their car. Then, diners can either nosh in the comfort of their own vehicle or take their eats to-go. All … [More]

Supporting Arizonans In Need

State of Arizona Office of the Governor

Businesses, families and organizations throughout the state have been adversely impacted by COVID-19 — and many Arizonans are asking what they can do to help. Arizonans can make charitable donations to support those in need during this unprecedented time, while earning dollar-for-dollar state tax credits. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the deadline for filing and paying State … [More]

COVID-19 Hit Shows Up Strongly in March Data, Loss of 701,000 Jobs

The Center for Economic and Policy Research

The impact of the COVID-19 shutdowns showed up very clearly in the March data as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a loss of 701,000 jobs, a decline almost as high as the peaks hit in the housing crash. The unemployment rate jumped 0.9 percentage points to 4.4 percent, while the employment-to-population ratio (EPOP) fell by 1.1 percentage points to 60.0 percent. The … [More]