Send-to-Site Medical Care

by Mike Hunter

It’s a new business on an old model: The doctor makes house calls. DispatchHealth equips its medical teams with all the tools necessary to bring healthcare to a person’s home by packing up essentially 70 percent of an emergency room. CEO and co-founder Mark Prather, M.D., MBA, notes the team — referred to during the height of flu season as the “Traveling Flu Crew” — arrives … [More]

Advancing Whole-Body Donation

by RaeAnne Marsh

Science Care, the world’s largest whole-body donation program, is a Phoenix-based company founded 18 years ago to address the shortage of human tissue for research and education. “Doctors needed a safe way to train from a well-respected and documented provider of non-transplantable human tissue for research and education,” says CEO Brad O’Connell. “After an extended period of … [More]

BCBSAZ Motivating Health and Wellness

by Mike Hunter

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona recently launched Get Fit. Don’t Quit, a health and wellness program as part of its mission to make Arizonans healthier. BCBSAZ teamed with fitness icon Jake “Body By Jake” Steinfeld in this effort to empower Arizonans to live a healthier lifestyle. The program is built around the idea that small steps lead to big payoffs, and shows people fun, … [More]

Businesses Gain when They Motivate Their Workforce to ‘Move It’

by Alex Allion

For decades, we’ve known that increased activity leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. In recent years this mentality has crept into our workday, too. For managers, the struggle becomes how to encourage our workforce to get up and take fitness breaks when our ultimate focus should be on productivity and meeting business objectives between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 … [More]

Crossroads Launches Franchise Program to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment 

by Mike Hunter

Every day, the Crossroads admissions office in Phoenix is overflowing with people who are often camping out overnight on the front lawn to get a place in line to be admitted for substance abuse. Founded in 1960 in Phoenix, Crossroads has grown to be one of the largest residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in the United States, serving more than 2,500 … [More]