Flu Season and the Bottom Line: A Direct Link

by Tobi Waller

We all hate the feeling of coming down with a cold or flu while at work. But for businesses, office illness is, in fact, a financial concern. The flu results in 111 million sick days a year, which comes to $10.4 million in direct medical costs for American businesses. How can businesses improve their employees’… [More]

Employers Can Lower Diabetes Risk

by Denise de la Rama

According to the CDC, the average business owner spends roughly twice as much on employees with diabetes as on healthy employees. But those costs are shrinking thanks to a little-known and rarely used wellness program that was designed to help employees get healthier. The latest version of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, Prevent T2, was… [More]

Bayless Implements Self-Serve Pharmacy Kiosk 

by Mike Hunter

The APM Pharmacy kiosk, powered by MedAvail Technologies, is an innovative self-serve pharmacy kiosk solution that supports the dispensing of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications under the full control of a remote pharmacist in a fast, secure and convenient manner. Use of the kiosk has been adopted by Bayless Integrated Healthcare, a leader in combining… [More]

Smart Single-Use Biometric Patches

by Mike Hunter

Qualcomm Life, Inc. has designed and developed breakthrough reference designs for cost-effective, connected and medical-grade biometric patches that will enable a multitude of intelligent care models, from perioperative care to assessing the impact of therapeutic interventions. Designed to allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients across the care continuum with access to near real-time data, the… [More]

The Pain Drain: The Fiscal and Societal Burden of Chronic Pain

by Ben Borrow, M.D.

We find ourselves in the midst of an epidemic of persistent pain, with 100 million Americans affected by regular headaches, back, neck, abdominal and joint pain. Chronic pain is now the most common form of enduring illness for those under the age of 60, and it is breaking the proverbial bank for individuals and employers.… [More]

Prepare for Open Enrollment 

by David Allazetta

With Open Enrollment upon us, this is a good time for employers to help their employees understand the options they will be committed to for the next year. Here are five tips to help them. 1. Know one’s open enrollment dates. Open enrollment isn’t the same or at the same time for everyone. For the… [More]

Treating Opioid Use Disorder: Medical Cannabis and Traditional Medicine

by Ravi Chandiramani, N.D.

We’re in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Opioids include heroin as well as Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, morphine and fentanyl. The associated “epidemic” means that an abnormally high number of Americans meet criteria for opioid use disorder (OUD) and are dying from overdoses at record numbers. The criteria for OUD include taking opioids in larger… [More]

Opioid Abuse Costs Businesses Millions

by Matt McCarty, M.D.

A survey by the National Safety Council taken in March revealed that 70 percent of businesses say that narcotic painkillers have affected their business. The NSC recommends incorporating the following steps to monitor the use of opioids in the workplace: A clear, written policy: Together with a company’s legal department, a policy should be put… [More]

Improving Construction Workplace Safety Boosts Business

by Dennis Tsonis

The construction industry is the backbone of a city’s economic development. With Arizona’s construction slowdown during the economic downturn, many skilled workers left the state, making retaining a qualified, skilled workforce one of the biggest challenges contractors face today. As the industry struggles to recover and attract new workers, health and safety needs to be… [More]

DNA-based Lifestyle Apps

by Mike Hunter

Exploragen has launched as a DNA lifestyle company to deliver useful DNA-based apps directly to consumers. The new California startup, led by a team of veterans from the medical genetics industry, creates engaging apps that translate DNA information into personalized insights consumers can use to improve their everyday lives. Exploragen apps will be available exclusively… [More]