Allergic to Work?

by Graham Chapman

Americans miss 24.5 million workdays each year due to “occupational asthma” and lose energy and focus due to sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. And these numbers are getting worse as the number of people with allergies is increasing and global warming, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, is fueling longer allergy seasons. With the… [More]

MedAvail Technologies Inc.™ Partners with Banner Health 

by Ed Kilroy

MedAvail Technologies, a healthcare technology company that has developed and commercialized an innovative self-service pharmacy kiosk solution, has partnered with Banner Health to deploy three MedAvail MedCenters™ in its clinics and hospitals in the Greater Phoenix area. The MedAvail MedCenter™ provides an innovative solution that supports the dispensing of first fill and refill prescription drugs… [More]

Farm Express Mobile Produce Program Expands

by Mike Hunter

Many Arizonans do not have access to healthy food options, which can lead to chronic health issues such as diabetes or obesity. To make a change and provide resources so residents have access to basic nutritious foods, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is expanding its partnership with the Discovery Triangle Development Corporation to launch… [More]

Employers Benefit from Price Transparency in Healthcare

by Ed Clarke, M.D.

Employers as well as consumers have been pushing for price transparency in healthcare for some time, but now the idea is gaining momentum. Employers know price transparency can help their employees make informed healthcare decisions and, ultimately, better manage the cost of care. Nationally, healthcare represents nearly one-fifth of the total gross domestic product, and… [More]

MyUnity™ for Full Continuum of Care

by Mike Hunter

myUnity™ is a cloud-based comprehensive electronic health record platform recently made available by Netsmart to serve the entire care continuum of care at home and senior living providers. The platform is the next step in the Netsmart strategy to support and integrate the entire care at home and senior living ecosystems with all of healthcare,… [More]

Oral Hygiene, Digitally

by Mike Hunter

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize the oral hygiene category, with industry players increasingly harnessing this technology to uniquely attract and engage consumers, GlobalData reports. In GlobalData’s 2017 global consumer survey, just 18 percent of respondents said they currently use digital tools to monitor/manage their dental and oral hygiene, whereas 40 percent of… [More]

Medical Marijuana: Establishing Standards

by Jeff Hunter

With bipartisan support in place, Arizona Senate Bill 1420 should end up as law, and while this paves the way for medicinal use of marijuana in the state, healthcare providers — and dispensaries — will have strict regulations to follow. SB 1420 passed the Arizona State Senate by a vote of 27–3 in late February,… [More]

Hereditary Cancer Gene Testing

by Mike Hunter

Of the new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in 2018, as many as 10 percent will be the result of an inherited gene mutation. Insight into hereditary risk would enable an individual to consider steps, such as more frequent screening, to potentially detect cancer in an earlier, more treatable stage. Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s… [More]

F.I.T. for an Apple Watch

by Mike Hunter

UnitedHealthcare is adding a new incentive to its popular UnitedHealthcare Motion, a digital wellness program that provides people with access to activity trackers that can enable them to earn up to $1,000 per year by meeting certain daily F.I.T. (measurement of frequency, intensity and tenacity) walking goals. To date, participants have collectively walked more than… [More]

Driving Supply Chain Excellence in the Health Sector

by Eugene Schneller, Ph.D.

Supply chain excellence is a distinguishing characteristic of many U.S. and global businesses. Companies as diverse as Walmart, IBM, John Deere and Costco attribute much of their success to having an efficient and effective supply chain as a differentiator. The healthcare provider industry, while frequently depicted as having one of the most inefficient supply chains,… [More]