Disrupting Traditional Rx

by Mike Hunter

SpotRx, a next-gen pharmacy, may help do to the traditional pharmacy model what Netflix did to Blockbuster. With the goal to be the “everywhere, anytime” pharmacy, SpotRx is a medical “vending machine” where individuals can consult an e-doctor/pharmacist, transfer a prescription and pickup (or opt for delivery of) their medications. The company currently has a stand-alone kiosk … [More]

App Helps People with Food Allergies Eat Out

by Mike Hunter

AllergySafe is a new app that takes the guesswork out of eating out by providing food allergy sufferers with a list of safe foods at their favorite restaurants. The app was created by 16-year-old Akshat Gautam, after he realized he was not alone in facing this difficulty. In the United States, food allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness; every three minutes, a … [More]

Camaraderie Is Part of 4C Medical Group’s Healthcare Philosophy

by Mike Hunter

Arizona used to be known for its “5 C’s.” 4C Medical Group has four “C’s” — one of which is camaraderie. 4C, one of Arizona’s fastest growing physician owned medical groups, recently expanded to the West Valley with the acquisition of West Valley Internal Medicine / West Valley Urgent Care. With West Valley Care’s three locations in Glendale, Surprise and Avondale, combined … [More]

Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Health Insurance Costs

by Mike Tilton

In today’s economy, providing a health plan for one’s employees is part of doing business, and finding the right plan is critical. In fact, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey, 56 percent of small firms and 98 percent of large ones offer health benefits to at least a portion of their workers. Many businesses are discovering a new way … [More]

Send-to-Site Medical Care

by Mike Hunter

It’s a new business on an old model: The doctor makes house calls. DispatchHealth equips its medical teams with all the tools necessary to bring healthcare to a person’s home by packing up essentially 70 percent of an emergency room. CEO and co-founder Mark Prather, M.D., MBA, notes the team — referred to during the height of flu season as the “Traveling Flu Crew” — arrives … [More]