Eric Miller: Riding the Wave of 3-D Printing 

by Linda Capcara

Flash back to 1994, and you could probably fit everyone outside of the aerospace sector in Phoenix who knew about numerical simulation and 3-D printers around one dining room table. While the technology has now entered the mainstream, that wasn’t the case back when Eric Miller and his partners were launching PADT (Phoenix Analysis & Design… [More]

David Richardson: Shifting Course to Meet Evolving Needs

by Linda Capcara 

For nearly 30 years, nonprofit credit counseling and debt management agencies such as Phoenix-based Take Charge America have helped consumers nationwide repay millions in credit card debt while educating them about the path to long-term financial independence. The core of the business model has remained largely the same, yet with the introduction of newer technologies… [More]

Chuck Vermillion: Back on the Entrepreneurial Scene with AccountabilIT 

by Linda Capcara 

After successfully growing OneNeck IT Services for nearly 14 years and, with his co-founders, selling it in July 2011 for $95 million, Chuck Vermillion was ready to jump back into the entrepreneurial world. “I learned that when you have great entrepreneurial success, it’s unquestionably the most satisfying professional experience you’ll ever have,” says Vermillion. Vermillion… [More]

Jeff Herzog Goes ZOG Digital

by Brittany Maroney

In 1998, Google forever changed the way organizations did business. By launching its revolutionary search algorithm, it made content available to anyone’s fingertips. Google quickly dominated the Internet, guiding users through a virtual ocean of information they sought with astonishing speed and precision. While Google is the undisputed king of search, one man stands apart… [More]

Jim Reavey: Melding Two Companies into a New Vixxo Brand

by RaeAnne Marsh

As Vixxo, the data-driven facilities management company is only a few months old. But launching the new brand was a very purposeful strategy, says CEO Jim Reavey. The former president of FM Facility Maintenance — with which First Service Networks integrated to form the new entity — explains that the goal was to have a… [More]

Heidi Jannenga: WebPT Niche Co-Creator

by Melissa Kiguwa

Heidi Jannenga co-founded WebPT, an electronic medical record (EMR) platform for physical therapists, with her soon-to-be husband in 2008. Before launching WebPT, she worked full-time as an athletic physical therapist managing three clinics. She describes the inception of WebPT as serendipitous. In 2007, she realized the largest expenses at her clinics were transcription and dictation… [More]

Tim Riester: Leading the Marketing Rhythm

by Christina Borrego 

For more than 27 years, Tim Riester and his advertising agency, RIESTER, have been successfully creating and revitalizing brands, launching products, changing consumer behaviors and motivating people to care about issues that matter. If you ask Tim Riester why his company is so successful, he points to the strategic nature of his clients and the talents… [More]

Charles A. Touché: Embracing Change as Path to Innovation 

by Andrea Aker

It’s often said that change is the only consistency in life. And in the insurance industry, this adage is true now more than ever. An evolving economy, rapid emergence of new technologies and a rocky healthcare landscape are among the industry’s most difficult issues to navigate. It’s Charles A. Touché’s ability to adapt to such… [More]

Chuck McLane: Accounting for CBIZ Growth

Strengthening nonprofits relationships and employee development

A strong focus of CBIZ’s Phoenix office is its not-for-profit practice. In fact, shares lead managing director Chuck McLane, “some of our success here has led to similar approaches in other CBIZ offices.” His office’s approach includes identifying the not-for-profit organizations in the Valley that have a meaningful purpose and are able to attract to… [More]

Rob Donat: Enhancing Fleet ROI

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Any vehicle that has a phone number on it is potentially valuable to a company like ours,” says Rob Donat, founder and CEO of fleet tracking company GPS Insight, which provides sophisticated tracking solutions that help companies with fleets add value to their operation — more efficient dispatch and routing being one of many advantages.… [More]