Q4 Market & Economic Update: A Solid Year for Growth

by Jeffrey Kravetz January 1, 2017

Growth in Arizona slid in the second half of 2016, and is expected to remain at a somewhat slower pace into early 2017. Despite that, the past year has shown a solid expansion in population, jobs, and income, which is expected to continue through 2017. Phoenix was the fastest growing region in the state; through… [More]

Q2 Market & Economic Update

by Jeffrey Kravetz June 29, 2016

Over the past year in Arizona, as well as the Tucson and Phoenix metropolitan areas, growth has risen broadly across most major metrics, notably population, wages and jobs. The 3 percent rate of job growth statewide has also outpaced the national average. Conversely, despite the favorable growth outlook over the next several years, the state… [More]

Q3 2015 Market and Economic Update

Jeffrey Kravetz

Heading into the fourth quarter, Arizona is showing continued, though measured, positive momentum. According to Arizona’s Economy, a publication of the Economic and Business Research Center (EBRC) at the University of Arizona, as of August, total nonfarm employment in Arizona was up 2.03 percent and hourly wages had improved 2.72 percent year over year. In… [More]

Q2 2015 Market and Economic Update

by Jeffrey Kravetz

As Phoenix moves into the dog days of summer, Arizona investors are mindful that market volatility is heating up due to uncertainty over a resolution of the Greek debt crisis and the timing of the Federal Reserve’s first rate hike in almost a decade. Local investors in global financial markets are nervous because Greece and… [More]