Disruptive Work Behavior?

by Mike Hunter

Believing that “a company can’t fix what it doesn’t know is broken,” Warble offers a lifeline that lets any U.S.-based employee with an active work email anonymously report nine different types of disruptive work behavior directly to the offender’s boss — because, after all, they are the ones who are both personally motivated and hold… [More]

Beat the Workday Slump

by Elin Östman, Ph.D.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel tired during their workday — whether it’s just trying to hide an embarrassing yawn during an after-lunch conference or staying energized throughout the workday — and there are several causes to that workday slump. Too little sleep, stress and a blood sugar roller coaster caused by unhealthy food… [More]

Pawn Ups the Image

by RaeAnne Marsh

Completed this month, Pawn 1st’s renovations were designed to have an impact beyond sprucing up the outward aesthetics of the stores. Upgraded lighting, new floors and several other cosmetic upgrades inside and refreshed walkways and landscaping outside are part of expressing the company’s core value to be “green and clean” in order to attract more… [More]

NAWBO Phoenix Launches the Phoenix Knowledge Network 

by Kathleen Gramzay

The Phoenix Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners is deepening the roots of its mission: growth — growth for our members, our corporate partners and our community. This month, we are launching the NAWBO Phoenix Knowledge Network, a speaker’s bureau of NAWBO Phoenix women business owners. Jean Briese, my co-director, explains, “Our… [More]

Blockchain Job Board

by Mike Hunter

Through the use of blockchain technology, BHIRED offers a platform by which both recruiter and applicant know the skills and experiences listed on a résumé are completely truthful and transparent. The blockchain record-keeping system that BHIRED has created has the ability to store more than just résumés; it can also store test scores, reviews and… [More]

eSign on the Go

by Mike Hunter

BlueInk is the creator of patented eSignature and Document Management software. Its flexible platform offers notary-level security and protection, comprehensive document transaction management and efficient document upload technology that allows users to create signature-ready documents on the fly that clients can review and sign from anywhere, on any device. The optional multilingual audio-guided review allows… [More]

Virtual CFO

by Mike Hunter

BizAnalyzer™ Virtual CFO is an advanced software tool from Biz2Credit that enables business owners to monitor the financial health of their businesses, offering insights to help improve cash flow and build credit, helping them make smarter financial decisions about their companies. This virtual CFO software is available to clients of Paychex Promise, a subscription-based service… [More]

Re-energizing Arizona’s Film Industry

by RaeAnne Marsh

Featuring locations throughout Arizona, including Apache Junction, Queen Creek and Scottsdale, principal photography recently wrapped on an independent feature film, The Unhealer, and one of its producers, Cristi Harris — Phoenix-based and a co-founder of Shared Card Films, also in Phoenix — sees the project as “laying the groundwork for re-energizing the state’s film business.”… [More]

Changing the Way Businesses Do TV

by Dara Shlifka

Seventeen Phoenix/Scottsdale local businesses as well as many national chain brands are using a new social TV platform called UPshow as an affordable way to engage and entertain customers. UPshow’s Social TV Platform allows businesses to engage their audience and drive revenue. This new technology turns ordinary TVs into powerful digital displays that offer value-added… [More]

Digital Matchmaker

by Mike Hunter

vCandidates.com, the first subscription-based digital platform that connects recruiters with qualified and pre-screened candidates, aims to eliminate the need for recruiters to post jobs on boards or candidates to use them when searching for new opportunities. Says LT Ladino Bryson, founder of the Chandler-based company, “I created vCandidates after working as a recruiter for one… [More]