Monetizing Spare Time

by Mike Hunter

Hire.Bid improves the way people find and hire high-end professionals and allows professionals to better leverage and monetize their skills. Its proprietary system incentivizes professionals to perform their best for clients and allows those same professionals — even if employed — to make money by auctioning off their spare time. The platform inverses the traditional… [More]

Goods to Go

by Mike Hunter

Roadie lets people send things (from furniture to boxes, bicycles and more) with drivers already heading in that direction. It’s a smart solution to save on shipping costs and a green way to use resources already on the road. The service is also becoming popular with local small businesses, as an affordable way to deliver… [More]

Stocking Up

by Mike Hunter

Stockpile offers companies and unique and rewarding way to incentivize employees. Shares of stock can be gifted in any dollar amount and is the gift that keeps on giving. E-gifts or physical gift cards are available and allow employers to help their team become investors.

CEOs Are Business Experts? Not Always.

by Bennett Curry

Naphtali Hoff writes about a reporter interviewing a successful and rather terse bank president. When asked about his success, the president said, “Right decisions.” And how does one make right decisions? He answered, “Experience.” So, how is experience gained? He replied, “Wrong decisions.” Research conducted by the Arizona Commerce Authority with CEOs of young, high-growth… [More]

Transparent Last-Mile Delivery

by RaeAnne Marsh

Courier service Dropoff recently expanded into Phoenix with its proprietary technology platform for last-mile, same-day delivery for businesses large and small. Among the features its technology enables are real-time tracking and confirmation of order status with easy Web and mobile ordering, along with signature verification once the delivery is completed, and transparency as to price… [More]

Smartphone as Supercam

by Mike Hunter

The ShowOff Super Mount enables hands-free photos and videos from the user’s smartphone — up to 30 feet away — by combining Bluetooth technology with an advanced magnetic system. It also provides real-time updates while working if attached to a computer or monitor, and gives GPS navigation in the car if mounted to the rearview mirror. The ShowOff… [More]

The Medium Is the Message 

by Mike Hunter

SnapComms recently launched as a free online resource that can help employers get a message across successfully to their workforce (or help anyone looking for ideas on how best to communicate to a wider group). Getting employee attention is extremely hard nowadays as staff contend with bloated email inboxes and information overload. “ helps… [More]

The New Temp

by Mike Hunter

Facilitating opportunities in the growing gig economy, the mobile app called Shiftgig connects businesses with people who want to work short-term jobs or shifts — such as those who manned many positions at local stadiums for Spring Training. In fact, Intuit released a study earlier this year (its second annual “Dispatches from the New Economy: The… [More]

Engineering Change

by RaeAnne Marsh

Southland Engineering launched recently from its parent Southland Industries, one of the nation’s largest MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) building systems experts, with a vision to bring an integrated approach to a discipline that traditionally operates in siloes. By looking at all the elements of project — from efficiency in the construction process by designing… [More]

Native American Entrepreneurship Gets Boost

by Arizona State University

The American Indian Policy Institute at Arizona State University, in collaboration with ASU’s Entrepreneurship + Innovation, The Department co-working space, Maricopa County Small Business Development Center and The Visionary Business Magazine, launched the Inno-NATIONS Tribal Business Collision Community — an inter-tribal initiative championing tribal entrepreneurship and economic development across Arizona — this past January. “This… [More]