Car Care to Impress

by RaeAnne Marsh

In business, “putting your best foot forward” extends to one’s wheels, too. These local detailers will give a car the spiff-up it truly deserves and provide their customers with the luxury and ease of mobile or shuttle service. Advanced Auto Detail comes straight to the customer’s door, offering the works at value prices. Mobile service Valley-wide… [More]

Giving Thanks with Style

by Mike Hunter

In today’s world, the thank-you has become an immediate email sent to express gratitude or congratulations for a special moment. For high impact, though, it’s still the mailed note or thank-you card that stands out. Here are our picks for personalized cards. Paperjoy Specializing in all things custom, from prepackaged thank-yous to custom, and elaborate… [More]

Retreat to Meet

by Mike Hunter

Many companies believe that an off-site meeting or retreat will help executives and employees stay focused on the topics at hand. In Business Magazine has chosen some top locations in the Valley for that perfect planned get-away from the day-to-day. Black Canyon Conference Center This property in the northern part of Phoenix boasts state-of-the-art audio… [More]

Dare-It-Yourself Tax Prep

by Mike Hunter

Through technology, there are some great programs that small-business owners can purchase to do-it-yourself if you dare. Here are our pics for the top trusted software programs. H&R Block Premium & Business Aimed at small businesses, there is support for major forms and schedules, including unlimited business state programs and guidance for preparation and filing… [More]

Phone Bashing

By Mike Hunter

The smartphone is any businessperson’s best asset. To protect that asset, one may wish to obtain an insurance plan through one’s carrier. However, to offset any downtime, it may be necessary to have the right case to protect this asset from any injury. Here are our picks for the best, given what a businessperson may… [More]

It’s Yours; Put Your Name on It

by Mike Hunter

Initializing one’s assets is in. Whether it’s initials on the cuff of a dress shirt, name engraved on a pen or a personalized license plate, it’s a way to say, “This is who I am.” Arizona Department of Transportation With more than 50 license plates to choose from, Arizona offers options to personalize one’s plates… [More]

Getting Honored

by Mike Hunter

Businesses of all kinds look to recognize staff, clients, milestones and more. In “honor” of the accolades, many turn to trophy companies to make everything from a crystal award to framed memorabilia to custom-designed pieces. Here is our pick of the Valley’s best. HJ Trophies & Awards HJ Trophies & Awards has been providing quality… [More]

Shred It

by Mike Hunter

While different businesses have different requirements as to how long they need to keep company files, files will, inevitably, get to a point when they need to be shredded. Here are our picks for the tops: ASDD Document Destruction  ASDD is an Arizona shredding company, a division of The Centers for Habilitation. Its confidential document… [More]

Power Boosters

by Mike Hunter

Coffee is a standard drink in the morning or even all day in many offices. The surge of gourmet coffee over the last 10 years has brought new machines and brands to what was once a simple can of coffee at the office. Here are our picks for the best: Press Coffee Roasters This seed-to-cup… [More]

Out in the Open

by Mike Hunter

Going to the Phoenix Open? Have a golf date this Friday? Embarking on a long, cathartic walk with your number two? A necessity in this circumstance, given the number of days of sunshine, is a great pair of sunglasses that say, “I am in charge.” Here are our picks: Metal/Wood/Acetate Sunglasses by Ermeneglido ZegnaThe interplay… [More]