Program for Snoozing

by Matthew Snyder

It can seem impossible in today’s hyper-connected world, where smartphones keep us tethered to our desks 24/7, to get the medically recommended seven to nine hours sleep each night, but it’s proven that sleep mismanagement leads to problems with memory, problem-solving, organizing, concentration and emotional control — all of which have serious repercussions in the … [More]

Magic Beans?

by RaeAnne Marsh

For many of us, coffee is that magic elixir that perks us up in the morning and keeps us going throughout the day. Freshly ground has the richest flavor, so here are some choices of coffee grinder to keep handy in the cupboard above/below/next to the office coffee maker. And, to be complete — here are suggestions we stand by for beans. Coffee Grinders Cuisinart – This … [More]

It’s Time to Hang It Up

by RaeAnne Marsh

On the wall, that is. Add some freshness to the office décor with art. Different colors and shapes create their own moods and can impact everything from first impressions to productivity. Businesses can avail themselves of services that will provide artwork to suit the site — some with options to rotate so the business can change it out periodically — from the ease and comfort … [More]

Tread Lightly

by RaeAnne Marsh

Walking is part of many a wellness program encouraged in today’s workplace. Taking a stretch around the block or around the building may be good plan, but this time of year if the heat doesn’t get you, the monsoons will. An easy-to-store treadmill can be an option. Lightweight and easy-to-store are among the breakthrough attributes of Treadly — making it easier for consumers … [More]

For a Breath of Fresher Air

by Mike Hunter

Plants are more than an esthetic reprieve for our eyes. Since NASA began researching ways to improve air quality for astronauts in closed environments in space, we’ve learned that they can counter some of the toxins our made environment surrounds us with — in addition, of course, to recycling our carbon-dioxide exhalations into the oxygen we need to breathe. Areca Palm Like … [More]