Workforce Development through National Service Programs

by Robin Hanson

An educated and skilled workforce is one of the top factors in determining business attraction and expansion decisions. We can think of the usual places to look for these candidates: college recruiting, job boards, career fairs. However, have you considered a VISTA alumnus to fill that next job? Let’s take a step back. First, what… [More]

Building Better Boards – Leadership that Matters 

by Bruce Weber

The role of the nonprofit governing board is vital to the long-term success of any nonprofit organization. The board is the critical lynchpin in creating a successful partnership with the CEO/ED that works toward long-term organizational sustainability. According to BoardSource, an innovator in governance thought leadership, exceptional boards add significant value to their organizations, making… [More]

We can’t go back to the future …

by Kristen Merrifield

If you lived through the ‘80s, you will definitely remember an iconic moment from Back to the Future. It’s the moment Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, realizes his future is at risk of never happening as his siblings begin to disappear from a family photo. Much like young Marty, we can’t forget what… [More]

The Nonprofit/For-Profit Connection: AWE Corporate Interiors and Cancer Support Community AZ

by Robin Hanson

As a full-service, woman-owned, office furniture dealership, AWE Corporate Interiors had an idea that would not only help the Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSACZ) — the leader in providing FREE emotional support to anyone impacted by cancer — but would also benefit its manufacturer representatives. Five years ago, Andrea Moseley, president, CEO and owner of… [More]

998, 999, 1,000!

by Robin Hanson

The Alliance was excited to reach a huge milestone in 2017 — reaching 1,000 members! We have experienced tremendous growth, going from 750 members in 2015 to 1,000 in 2017. To celebrate, we gave away $1,000 to three lucky nonprofits at our Annual Conference in September.   Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank provides a number of… [More]

Your Business and Arizona Gives Day

by Robin Hanson

Arizona is home to more than 20,000 nonprofits that provide services we rely on every day. Our nonprofits create safe places to learn, live, and fulfill dreams. They enrich our lives through art and culture, and protect our natural wonders, cultural heritage and human dignity. In order to strengthen Arizona’s nonprofit community, Arizona Gives Day… [More]

On The Board and In The Spotlight: Shaylinn Aleman

by Robin Hanson

Name: Shaylinn Aleman Company: Arizona College Access Network Job Title: Membership Manager Board: Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Board Title: Apprentice Board Member How long have you served on this board? I am in my second year. What drew you to this organization? In 2016, I joined a program called the Manifesto Project, which, essentially, pairs… [More]

The Board’s Role in Advocacy: An Expectation for Engaged Leadership 

by Robin Hanson

Advocacy is a powerful way to leverage the important mission work that your organization does in your community. Board members — as influential community leaders — can help increase the likelihood of your nonprofit’s success by engaging in advocacy. Fundamentally, board members are champions for their missions and have an opportunity to connect their passion… [More]

Moving from a Bored Member to a Board Member

by Kristen Merrifield

As a young professional 10 years ago, I was so excited to join my first board. It was one of those board positions that you just inherit when you get promoted, but you really have no clue what they are doing or why you should care. In my case, it was a city board for… [More]

Breaking Ground, Celebrating Community

by Shannon Clancy

On May 12th, nearly 200 community leaders, donors, volunteers, staff members and other special guests gathered to celebrate a milestone event in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s history — the first groundbreaking on a new building on the campus in more than 25 years. The event celebrated the first step in the construction… [More]