Omni-Channel Engagement Trending for 2017

by Mike Hunter

Online-offline connected experiences will be the focus in 2017 as chief marketers, largely not satisfied with the current state of omni-channel engagement, work toward bridging that disconnect. According to a recently released study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council, one of the biggest challenges for marketers in 2017 will be understanding the connected customer journey… [More]

Digital Sense

by Mike Hunter

Digital Sense provides a complete playbook for organizations seeking a more engaged customer experience strategy. By reorganizing sales and marketing to compete in today’s digital-first, omni-channel environment, an organization can gain newfound talent and knowledge from the resources already at hand. This book provides two pragmatic frameworks for implementing and customizing a new marketing operating… [More]

Operational Data Gaps Compromise Customer Experience

by Mike Hunter

While digital marketing technologies and engagement channels multiply, many marketers remain concerned that they are still not delivering what customers want most: a seamless, frictionless and individualized buying and problem-solving experience. According to new research from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and SAP Hybris, more than a third of marketers (39 percent) believe their technology investments… [More]

Predictable Prospecting

by Mike Hunter

If an organization’s success is driven by B2B sales, its sales force need to be expert prospectors to successfully target, qualify and close business opportunities. This game-changing guide provides the immediately implementable strategies needed to build a solid, sustainable pipeline — aimed at sales and marketing executives, team leaders, and sales representatives. It teaches how… [More]

Sales: Embrace Being No. 2

by Tim Brown and Dan Streeter

In the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps won the Gold Medal in the Men’s 100-meter butterfly, beating out Milorad Čavić by a mere .01 second. Literally, in 1/30th of the time it takes to blink, Phelps’s dreams were realized and Čavić’s dreams were dashed. Over the course of a salesperson’s lifetime, it’s inevitable that you will… [More]

Sandler Enterprise Selling

by Mike Hunter

Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts is perhaps the greatest challenge for selling teams. To keep treasured clients and gain new ones, one needs a system to win business with profitable enterprise clients, serve them effectively and grow the relationships over time. The only enterprise selling system based on the proprietary Sandler Selling System methodology created… [More]

Marketing: Live from Mesa Chamber

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Mesa Morning Live” is far from your typical chamber networking event, although it does include a mix-and-mingle, breakfast and a few table presenters. But the core of this successful program that the Mesa Chamber of Commerce puts together every month is informative entertainment that’s professionally produced and broadcast live (and archived on YouTube) for the… [More]

Beyond the Sales Process 

by Mike Hunter

The average executive spends less than 5 percent of his time engaged in the buying of products and services. This means that in this post-recession business environment, sales professionals who focus solely on the moment of the sale have made a fatal miscalculation. Featuring instructional case studies from companies that include Hilton Worldwide, Merck and… [More]

Advocate Marketing

by Mike Hunter

This book shows CMOs, business development leaders, customer success professionals and sales executives exactly how to leverage this powerful approach. Barbara Thomas helps readers make the business case, outlines the strategic requirements, and presents powerful best practices and case studies. Learn from the experience of recognized leaders in advocacy marketing, from Intel and Citrix to… [More]

Outside Help

by Julie Iacobelli

There are plenty of reasons why nonprofit organizations seek the expertise of consulting firms. They may face financial uncertainty, a major fundraising campaign, an extended project or leadership changes that would benefit from a third party’s professional insight. Additionally, they may seek counsel during program or organizational expansion to help identify and align new opportunities.… [More]