Want a Board Seat? Earn It.

by Ronit Urman

I have never taken the easy path. Not when I immigrated at age 16 from Israel. Not when I began my career in commercial real estate as one of the only women in the industry. Not when I took the helm of National Association of Women Business Owners this past June. So it’s no surprise… [More]

First Impressions Matter

by Barbara Chatzkel

You have only one chance to make a first impression. Decisions about doing business with you or trusting you are made almost instantaneously. As a business person, much of your day is spent giving and receiving information. But what first impression are you giving and why is it important?  Research findings show that: People form… [More]

Hired the Wrong Website Person? 

by Brandy Lawson

You’re not alone if you’ve hired the less-than-perfect (okay, maybe completely wrong) person to work on your website, help with getting found on Google or run your social media. It sucks. It’s frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to choosing the perfect digital marketing partner, there has to be… [More]

Now Is NOT the Time for ‘Business as Usual’

by Ali Brown 

Recently, I sent out an email to my clients urging them to make one simple change. I asked them to stop trying to be normal.  Why? If you’re having challenges in your business right now, or if you’re hitting up against something again and again, it’s likely due to the fact that you are trying… [More]

Engage Your Workers, Increase Your Productivity

by Wendy McLellan

Do your workers seem bored and listless, as if they’re just going through the motions? “Yeah,” you say, “but I can’t do anything about it. Work is work. At least they get a paycheck.” But all work — or at least all workplaces — are not created equal. Whether or not you think you should… [More]

Today’s War for Talent – How Do You Keep Your Best Employees?

by Laurie D. Battaglia

The meeting was unexpected — your right-hand person, the one you’ve been grooming to take on your role someday, just gave notice.  You didn’t see it coming. She seemed happy at work. As a matter of fact, she told you so in the last one-on-one meeting two months ago.  She was recruited on LinkedIn, by… [More]

What Leadership Style Propels Your Success? 

by Cindy Gordon

Spending many years of my professional life in a very male-dominated industry — public accounting — then opening my own business as a leadership development and business coach, I have become very aware of two prominent leadership styles in the business world. Both have their merit. However, to build a highly successful business, leaders can’t… [More]

The 2018 Business of the Year Award goes to …

by Ariyanna Norman

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards honor one small business and one large business that serve as a positive role model to others and are active in the Tempe community. This year’s winners were announced on June 29th at the 2018 Tempe Chamber Annual Luncheon.  The Chamber awarded MAC6 as the Small Business… [More]

The Chamber Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers

by Ariyanna Norman

The 2018 Spirit of Tempe award was given to Frank and Judy Woertz. This power couple has provided more than 40 years of service in Tempe. Their State Farm Insurance agency is recognized as one of the leaders within the entire company. Recently, Frank Woertz was named Volunteer of the Year in 2015 and also… [More]

Tempe.Pledge.Green is growing!

by Ariyanna Norman

The Tempe Sustainability Pledge is a Tempe Chamber program where businesses commit to reducing their environmental footprint. In the last six months, the program has grown by 30 percent with new pledge takers and social media activity. Recent Tempe.Pledge.Green companies include SunTrac, TCH, The Deneau Law Firm, MAC6, Junior Achievement of Arizona and Pixel Photography.… [More]