Summer 2017 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

This question has been on my mind lately. We now live in a world where we hear from our president not in stately messages delivered from the Oval Office but in middle-of-the-night rants on Twitter. And they usually are filled with vitriol aimed at the lawmakers on Capitol Hill — on both sides of the… [More]

A Test for Tech

by Don Rodriguez

Being in the top 10 most definitely carries its rewards. However, there are no promises that such rankings are permanent. There is always something, somewhere that could take that away. That best describes the situation where it comes to Arizona’s technology industry and its role as a key exporter in the United States. Arizona ranks… [More]

Not Just Whiskey Row

by Don Rodriguez

Not too many organizations can claim that one of its members is home to the College of Security and Intelligence, which trains professionals — cyber and otherwise — to work at the national and international level. And not too many cities can claim it’s home to this college. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott is one… [More]

Going Global

by Don Rodriguez

Good news travels fast — and far. That’s what organizers of the Arizona-based Chief Science Officers (CSO) program learned when their promotional video was named winner of the Facilitator’s Choice Award in the STEM For All 2017 Video Showcase supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). (The video is at Separately, the foundation in… [More]

Taking the Lead

by Don Rodriguez

After a decade of success as president of her own company, Kathryn Odland was looking for something more for her company — and herself. She found it in the Arizona Technology Council’s Transformational Leadership Program, which “provided tremendous self-reflection, so much that I became amazed at some gaps between my perception and the perception of… [More]

Innovator and Entrepreneur from Academia Named to Board 

by Don Rodriguez

Two key members of Arizona’s university community have been appointed to a three-year term on the Arizona Technology Council Board of Directors. David B. Bolman is provost of the University of Advanced Technology (UAT) and Stephen Fleming is vice president, strategic business initiatives at The University of Arizona (UA). Bolman has been instrumental in growing… [More]

July 2017 Message from Phaedra Earhart

by Phaedra Earhart

So far, this year has been full of forming new partnerships and creating lasting relationships with our community partners, such as ASBA, ASU Sparxx, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, e-Women Network and Athena Valley of the Sun, to name just a few. We are looking for more community alliances to partner with on a monthly… [More]

Are your Employees Taking Advantage of You?

by Cindy Gordon

Would you agree that some of your employees are rock-star performers, some are just OK, and, for a small few, you’d like a genie to change them into statues so they stop disrupting others? Let’s take a minute and think about your workforce. How many people are engaged at work — that is, involved in,… [More]

How to Collaborate with a Purpose 

by Cerila Gailliard, PMP, CSM

For many of us, collaborations resemble this scenario: A team is brought together; the problem is defined; some, not all, individuals begin to participate in the discussion; a solution is developed, agreed upon and implemented. Sometimes, the solution resolves the problem, but at other times it’s only a band-aid method that merely offers a short-term… [More]

Business Insurance is Not a Luxury for Small-Business Owners 

by Marie Gonzales

You are a strong, smart entrepreneur.  You own your own business because you have a passion for what you do and know in your heart you are the best person to do it, whatever that passion is. Your business is your child, and you give it your all. You’d do anything for your business. You… [More]