Career Ready Tempe

by Kristian Johnson

This summer, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and the City of Tempe will launch Career Ready Tempe, a two-year youth workforce pilot program intended to tackle barriers to employability for income-eligible youth and help employers create a robust youth talent pipeline. Teens preparing for today’s workforce have co-existed with the internet for the entirety of… [More]

Tempe Chamber Announces Tempe Streetcar Asset Assistance Loan Program

by Kristian Johnson

In a partnership of the City of Tempe, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, SCORE and One AZCredit Union, a Tempe Streetcar Asset Assistance program was announced in December of 2018. The purpose of the program is to provide low-interest loan opportunities to businesses directly adjacent to the streetcar route during construction. The Tempe Streetcar project… [More]

Tempe Chamber Women in Business Announces the 2018-2019 Mentoring Program 

by Kristian Johnson

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Council launched its annual mentoring program with 11 pairs of mentors and protégés. The selected participants began the six-month program on December 13th. The program focuses on self-discovery, professional development, making connections, sharing experiences and much more. Each participant was asked to complete a TTI/DISC online assessment… [More]

Tempe Chamber Welcomes New Staff

by Kristian Johnson

Erika Acorn, Business Development Specialist Erika’s role is to develop and implement programs to increase membership and sponsorships. She has worked for a nonprofit membership-based company where she was able to connect members with new opportunities and create programs that aligned with their needs. She brings experience in community engagement, brand development and fundraising to… [More]

State of the City with Mayor Mark Mitchell Breaks Records

by Kristian Johnson

Innovation, Discovery, Education, Arts – IDEA Tempe was the theme of the 20th Annual State of the City Address by Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. Hosted by the Tempe Chamber of Commerce at the Marriott Buttes Resort Tempe, the event welcomed 600 distinguished sponsors and guests to hear Mayor Mitchell reflect on the past year’s success and… [More]

Networking Your Small Business

by Jodi Towns

You may have the most lucrative product or service, but how do you move from no one knowing about it to achieving great success in business? Networking for your small business is an integral part of marketing and promoting what you offer. Networking is the next step of branching outside of the office, meeting new… [More]

What Motivates Employees?

by Kristin Munson

Andrew Siegel decided to start looking at best practices for employee engagement. For many in the HR field, balancing the buzzword-heavy realities of “multi-generational workplaces,” “talent management,” “creation of culture” and “employee engagement,” his attention to the subject couldn’t have been more timely. As president and CEO of PayDay HCM, while the company developed processes… [More]

Are You Setting Your Business Up for a Disaster


If you’re like most business owners, your computer data backups are one of those things that you rarely pay attention to. Backups are kind of like flossing your teeth and eating low-fat, high-fiber foods — everyone knows they’re supposed to do them, but how many really do these things regularly?!? Unfortunately, when it comes to… [More]

Taking Document Security to the Next Level 

by Seth Kelly

In a famous New Yorker cartoon, one dog sitting at a computer declares, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” The cartoon’s impact has grown and is now seen as prophetic. As a business, not being sure who you’re dealing with can break your company. Regardless of the industry, the need for immediate gratification… [More]

How to Create the Website of Your Dreams

by Louise Henry

Imagine: a stunning, professional website that brings in clients 24/7, and didn’t cost $10,000+ to build. Think it’s impossible? Think again. Thanks to simple DIY tools online, you can design your dream website (and manage it yourself from now on, too!). No more relying on Web developers to make every tiny change you need. Now,… [More]