Do Good

by Mike Hunter

For many businesses, success comes in unexpected ways. Toms grew into a $600-million company by giving away 35 million pairs of shoes. Patagonia’s profits have climbed year after year even as it funnels heavy investments into sustainability. And it’s not just millennials rewarding companies with causes. In every age group, people commit to brands that… [More]

Boomers 3.0

by Mike Hunter

Capitalizing on what is arguably the most important social phenomenon of our time and place — the aging of America — this book shows organizations how to market specifically to baby boomers in their third act of life. Samuel identifies the 10 core values of the older middle class (cognitively healthy baby boomers age 52–80)… [More]

Faces Matter

by Kangelon “Kay” Dexter

When a person is deciding whether or not to do business with your company, you might expect them to check all the key selling points. Price, benefits and features, brand reputation — these are all things that marketers anticipate customers will care about and, therefore, are the brand identifiers that receive the most attention when… [More]