Dave Brown, Valley Leadership

from Dave Brown

Agile and innovative leadership in Arizona’s business community supports the continuing strength of our economy. Leadership can make all the difference in profitability, productivity and attracting talent (among other things) for business. As you’ll see in the portraits of leadership included in this issue, leadership takes time, requires decisiveness and patience, and, most importantly, is… [More]

Need to Amp Up Your Creativity, Efficiency and Productivity Fast? Outsource!

by Richard Tollefson and Michal Tyra

It takes a lot to keep a nonprofit organization at the top of its game. Just like for-profit companies, not-for-profits are concerned with the financial bottom line, operational efficiencies, human resource regulations — and more. Not-for-profits have an extra layer of scrutiny many for-profits don’t. They report to more than just their shareholders; their performance… [More]

Even Mobile Shoppers Prefer Live Consumer Support 

by Anand Janefalkar 

Mobile shopping is booming in the U.S. as we prepare to enter 2019. According to the 2018 Internet Trends Report from Kleiner Perkins, mobile shopping app sessions grew 54 percent year-over-year — the fastest growth of any mobile activity. In addition to shaking up traditional monetization models for brands and retailers, this is driving how… [More]

Serving the Female Market: The Venus Vault

by RaeAnne Marsh

The Venus Vault Show host Syndeelou Jones and cohost Craig MatthewThe Venus Vault LLC is a media company that has developed a media platform which produces engaging content through radio, podcast, print, services and products — intended to uniquely serve the female market. Founder Syndeelou Jones says her biggest challenge was taking something that felt… [More]

Powering-Up Lobos Electric

by RaeAnne Marsh

Founded this past June by Migdol Lobos and Damacely Lobos, Lobos Electric serves home and business needs in electrical connections and smart solutions in electrical installations, maintenance, service upgrades, outlets, LED lights, trouble shooting, appliances, pool and patio power and more. CEO Migdol Lobos, who has a post-graduate degree in electrical engineering from the Technological… [More]

2019 Genesis G70

by Mike Hunter

The sound of its inspiring exhaust note hints at the Genesis G70’s impressive performance credentials. The available 3.3-liter, 365-horsepower twin turbo paired with launch control pushes the G70 to a quick, confident jump off the line. The “high-end” nature puts this G70 in a class with Lexus, BMW and Mercedes C Class. The sophisticated all-wheel… [More]

Travel-Healthy Tips

by Saeju Jeong

Over the last five weeks, I’ve spent time in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Traveling the world for work might seem glamorous to outsiders, but it takes a toll on one’s body. Most people don’t realize business travelers are statistically at a higher rate for obesity. It’s easy to put on weight when continually eating… [More]

The Sicilian Butcher: Build-Your-Own Meatballs and More

by RaeAnne Marsh

Think: elegant casual. Black-and-white checkered cloth tablecloths on the center rows of tables make lively the simple décor that’s otherwise set off by a rear wall of weathered brick. A smartly designed divider “wall” separates the large dining room into two cozier halves while keeping a sense of spaciousness. On prominent display just inside the… [More]

Our Menu Has Changed

by RaeAnne Marsh

This phrase may be annoying in a recorded phone message, but it’s exciting when applied to our local restaurants. Here are two that favor their diners with new flavors. Giordano’s Special for this final quarter of the year, and offered only at this national chain’s Arizona and Nevada restaurants, is the Street Taco Pizza, built… [More]

Phoenix Attracts National-Network Co-Working Company 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Serendipity Labs Coworking will open the first of nine planned Phoenix locations next month. Flexible space is currently less than 5 percent of the office inventory but predicted, according to commercial real estate firm JLL, to rise to 30 percent by 2030, and Serendipity Labs is meeting that demand through company-owned managed and franchised locations… [More]