GDPR Is Path to Trust and Improved Customer Experience

by Mike Hunter

Marketers from organizations who took the lead in preparing to meet and exceed GDPR data standards have noted increased trust and engagement levels with customers, according to data from the CMO Council, collected in partnership with SAP Customer Experience, that it reported in “GDPR: Impact and Opportunity — How Marketing Leaders Addressed GDPR Readiness and… [More]

Creating a Creatives’ Space

by RaeAnne Marsh

 Michelle Biely, owner of The Creative Center of Scottsdale, describes the business she founded in 2014 as a co-working space for messy artists. “This is a place where painters, sculptures, clothing designers, hat makers, stained glass window makers and any other artists who make a mess can come and be part of a community,” she… [More]

Bringing Drones into Field of Financial Analysis

by RaeAnne Marsh

Scott Roelofs, CFA, ABV, founded RCG Valuation & Monetization in September 2017 to help small to medium-sized businesses grow and monetize through advanced financial analysis and specialty tax planning. “I found that my opportunities as a financial analyst were limited to either publicly traded companies or private equity. I have always been fascinated by business… [More]

Innovative Art Installation Makes Permanent Home at Scottsdale Fashion Square

by Mike Hunter

Wonderspaces, the breakthrough concept that partners with artists from around the world to deliver artwork to new audiences, will soon open the company’s first permanent location at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  In its 16,000-square-foot space, Wonderspaces will partner with artists from around the world to present a series of ticketed art shows. As a pop-up that… [More]

The All-New Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV

by Mike Hunter

Built from the ground up, the 2019 Jaguar IPACE is a pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Thrilling to look at and drive. The IPACE is propelled by two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors. Like the technology found in the ITYPE Formula E racing car, these motors generate 394 horsepower and 512 pound-feet of torque. Instant… [More]

Mobile Messaging at Work and Play – Beyond Conversation

by Beerud Sheth

Over the last few years, mobile messaging usage has exploded. It now dominates smartphone usage. While consumer communication grew rapidly a few years ago, the more recent and interesting phenomenon is the rise of “messaging as a platform” — a platform for developers and enterprises to engage their customers and build advanced conversational experiences. Messaging… [More]

LemonShark Poké: Bowled and Bold

by RaeAnne Marsh

Colors. Flavors. Textures. Poké offers an amazing variety in all these aspects. And LemonShark Poké offers that amazing variety in its fresh, build-to-suit selection. Ahi tuna, spicy salmon, shrimp, tofu, ginger, edamame, red cabbage, corn, mango: These are just a few of the array of ingredients patrons can mix in their poké bowl atop a… [More]

That’s Some Crust

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sauce. Cheeses. Toppings. Pizzerias can put their stamp on their pie in many different ways. In Business Magazine wanted to shine a spotlight on the foundational element: the crust. California Pizza Kitchen One of the pioneers that took pizza beyond cheese-and-pepperoni-and-sometimes-anchovies to a whole new world of flavors, CPK added a whole wheat option for… [More]

Feedback: February 2019

by Mike Brown, Beth Gross, Leonardo Loo

Question: What programs and training does your company offer to move employees into, or advance them in, leadership and management roles? Mike Brown  Arizona Regional President Washington Federal Sector: Banking Washington Federal has an internal motto: Love what you do; make a difference. This motto informs our approach to learning and development. We start with… [More]

Rachel Davis-Schultz Joins CopperPoint as Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

CopperPoint Insurance Companies | January 23, 2019

Phoenix-based CopperPoint Insurance Companies, a regional multi-line commercial insurance company, announced Rachel Davis-Schultz has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer for the CopperPoint Family of Insurance Companies. “We are thrilled to welcome Rachel to CopperPoint where she will be responsible for leading all aspects of Human Resources, including HR management,… [More]